by Fallout

I love overhead shooters. Well, most of them. Aerofighters for the SNES started it, and then I got MAME and found the 1941 series. I didnt know they were an NES series until later. I saw the rom and grabbed it, because these games ROCK.

Theyre your typical overhead shooter. You have a plane and you shoot the enemies on screen til you get to the end and fight a boss. Typical. Except that you're a World War II fighter and that you're fighting the Japanese. The Japanese made a game where the enemy is them. I love that country. Why can't we do that? I have been wanting a WWII game where you're German infantry for a while now but all I get is the same damn battles every time. I want to see someone else's perspective for once! But I digress. Somehow your WWII fighter has a magical super weapon that damages the entire screen. Those crazy Japanese and their wacky ideas about American technology. They were probably laughing at us when they made it. Bastards.

Graphics are your typical 8bit wonderfulness. Planes look like 8bit planes, ships like 8bit ships, and bullets look like 8bit lasers. And 8bit fireballs. Seriously, what war were THEY fighting? I didn't experience any slowdown, even with the assloads of enemies that will be on screen at any one time. My only complaint is the planes have white undersides, and when they come at you then pull away they turn over and if there is clouds underneath you can't see them. Meaning if you're ahead of them they'll crash into your ass and you won't even see it coming. Those clever bastards.

Music is the typical Midi stuff that somehow manages to not piss me off. BG Music is important to me because if it bothers me and I cant turn it off I wont play it. Or Ill just shut off my comp speakers and play in DEAD SILENCE. Sound effects your basic beeps and whirs that somehow manage to sound like what they should be. I have no idea how this is possible. NES technology confuses and scares me. But the main thing is that you don't get a staticy bzzzzz with every sound that some games get, which sucks because it sounds like a robot farting through your speakers. And thats just wrong.

1943 is not a hard game, as long as you have decent hand eye coordination.Which no one has. Least not good enough to shoot through it quick and easy. Anyone disagreeing with me now is a liar and a whore. The assload of planes that come at you at once are enough to make even the Vic Viper sweat at times. They do the usual shmup enemy routine. They just fly around in set patterns for their type, some shooting, some just trying to ram into you. Thats a REAL good use of a multi million dollar plane. Bosses? They're just a variety of ships. You're attacking an enemy fleet the entire game so it makes sense. However, they are pains in the ASS. In order to shoot them you have to put yourself in the line of fire. They don't give you an easy win. Ever. Im still trying to figure out a pattern that's easy to follow and works every time. With Raptor I managed to and that games a million times harder. Or I just suck.


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