Sailor Moon
by The Hutch


Whoo boy, this review has been a while in the making. I've been sitting on this for a couple months since Pommy commissioned me to revise it and send it in for the main site. So let's do this all in one go and get 'er done!

The Idea

Naoko Takeuchi, a relatively unknown manga artist at the time, struck gold in 1991 with a partial volume for a manga by the name of "Codename: Sailor V". This manga featured Minako Aino in the titular role, and chronicled her crime fighting antics, canonically written to be her past before joining with Sailor Moon. While created in 1991, the series was not finished until 1997 (The same year, but months AFTER Sailor Moon), however updates were years apart, and there remains only 3 volumes. When approached with the offer to make Sailor V into an anime, Takeuchi instead opted to make Sailor V just one member of a team of sailor warriors, and Sailor Moon was born. The manga and anime were both created in 1992, and the legacy began.

The Legacy

Pretty Solider Sailor Moon holds many achievements as a series. Most notable, in Japan, it is responsible for revitalizing the Magical Girl genre of anime by introducing and archetyping the idea of magical girls using their powers to fight evil, often as a team. The manga has been adapted, sucessfully, into both an anime series and a live-action show with each three medium having their own following. There was merchandise, video games, stage musicals, and, of course, the English adaptation.

Sailor Moon was the first successful girl-ime show to be brought over to the United States, and is often credited with being one of the driving forces for American anime obsession. While the first two story arcs suffered from heavy censorship, theme and music changes, and that stupid ass fuck "Sailor Says" segment, this was for many people their first anime. Trying to determine the impact of Sailor Moon is difficult, but consider many of your favourite anime, manga, or Japanese produced games now-a-days, and would they exist without Sailor Moon? Where would your precious Touhou Project be, Miss S. Hate? HUH?!

For me, it was a life altering experience, and my journey began there.

My Experience

I won't go into much detail about my childhood and Sailor Moon, but I will say that every day after school, I sprinted home to catch it on TV. There was just something, well, magical about it. A few months back, I was in talks with my good buddy Kaz about doing a co-operative Sailor Moon brawler LP. While this plan never fell through, due mostly to my laziness, it inspired me to watch the entire, original Japanese series. While I outwardly expressed this simply as a research progress, inwardly I was giddy as a school girl with a tadpole in her shirt. Or fuku, I guess would be more appropriate. Whatever.

As I followed the series, I found myself being drawn into it far more than I had expected. This wasn't just the nostalgic factor, or the added fascination of watching the original Japanese production. This was a genuine interest. I wanted to see what happened, and I'll be goddamned if anyone will take that pleasure away from me. However, this also meant that I had become trapped in the emotional roller coaster, and boy was I in for a ride. Every night I would end up watching 3-8 episodes at a time, engrossed in the story and needing to know what happened next. Am I ashamed? No. Far from it because, well, it's just really good.

The Series

The series consists of 5 story-arcs, each unique but following directly the previous.

Sailor Moon

Where it all started, where the magic happened. Even though it was the first series, and the artists, writers, and creators were treading new and unfamiliar ground, it has aged incredibly well. In this first arc, Usagi Tsukino meets Luna, and is told she is a Sailor Warrior tasked with saving the world from evil, and finding the Moon Princess. Denigrates of the Dark Kingdom are collecting energy from innocents, trying to revive their evil Queen Metalia. Queen Beryl and her four knights of the Dark Kingdom struggled against Sailor Moon. While searching for the enemy's base and the Princess, Sailor Moon and Luna find the four other Sailor Warriors - Sailor Mercury (Ami Mizuno), Sailor Mars (Rei Hino), Sailor Jupiter (Makoto Kino), and Sailor Venus (Minako Aino), as well as the mysterious Tuxedo Mask (Mamoru Chiba). Together, they find the Queen and destroy her, and Usagi and Mamoru profess their love to each other. However, the other four warriors and Tuxedo Mask died, and Sailor Moon had to use the power of the Silver Crystal (An artifact of the old Moon Kingdom), which ultimately cost her her life. With her dying breath, Usagi wishes for everyone to have normal lives, and uses the last of her power to revive everyone to the state before they knew each other. The arc ends with the Earth saved, but the heroes not recollecting the battle, or even each other.

Now, this story-arc is the most primitive in terms of art and animation. But there were lots of improvements, and in fact about every 5-8 episodes this improved. This had a somewhat jarring effect, as the lack of consistency drew away from the show itself somewhat. Still, with 4-5 self-contained subplots, it wasn't too much of a distraction. And there was much more going on that only on my second-viewing of this story-arc did I REALLY notice how much it had changed from beginning to end.

To describe my emotional response to this arc is, well, to try and describe any other emotion. You can use so many words to try and convey an abstract, but in the end it must be felt by the observer. I can tell you that even now, nearly three months after having written this original review, over a month since I last watched the show, the profound effect it has had on me still. Outside of that, there's nothing much else I can say. Any criticisms or praises I can think of are overshadowed by the masterful execution of pure, raw feelings. And if that's a little too artsy for you to understand, go watch it yourself, [REDACTED].

4 out 5 socks

Sailor Moon R

Sailor Moon R is a different beast than all the other arcs. Originally, Takeuchi had intended the story to stop with Sailor Moon, but due to fan and publishers demands she was forced to continue. However, because the anime and manga had run nearly concurrently, the anime began before there was a manga storyline. Producers of the anime decided to create a 13 episode long sub-story, involving two aliens Ali and En. Ali and En invade Earth, trying to steal energy to feed to the Doom Tree, their life force. In this sub-story the Sailor Warriors have their memories and powers restored and Usagi and Mamoru find each other's love once again. The aliens eventually are taught a lesson by Sailor Moon in love, and head off into space to start a new life.

The main story arc of Sailor Moon R involves heavily the Silver Crystal. The Silver Crystal is the most powerful gem, used by Queen Serenity of the old Moon Kingdom (The Silver Millennium) to seal away evil. The story explores the future of all the characters involved. On Earth, the Sailor Warriors are now all protectors of Crystal Tokyo, and Usagi and Mamoru resumed their former lives as Serenity and Endymion and taken the titles of Queen and King. Members of the Black Moon, however, are searching for the Silver Crystal to destroy Crystal Tokyo. As well, they are searching for Usagi's and Mamoru's future child Small Lady, whom they call "The Rabbit" and everyone in the present calls Chibiusa. Chibiusa is on a mission of her own sent to the past by her mother, who is trapped by the Black Moon clan, to find the Silver Crystal. This leads her to Sailor Moon and the others, who eventually learn of Chibiusa's origins. With the help of Sailor Pluto (Setsuna Meioh), the Sailor Warrior and guardian of time and space, they all travel to the future to save Neo-Queen Serenity and, ultimately, the past, present, and future.

Originally, this was my least favourite arc. It introduced my least favourite character, began with an obviously rushed sub-plot, and introduced a number of character development that was never further explored or really even remembered. All the Sailor Warriors got new powers in the beginning sub-story, but I guess they no longer needed them, as they were never used again. Hell, most of the Warriors only used their new powers once, so what was the point.

On second viewing, however, it began to warm on me. There is a subtext to the main story of Mamoru's visions of the future forcing him to push Usagi away. He has dreams of the end of the world, and an ominous voice telling him that their love will bring about Usagi's death, and for her sake he tries to push her away. This causes a lot of tension in all the characters, and there are times when this really hits its peak that make me forgive all the frustrating aspects of this arc.

Still, boring enemies, NO sustained character development, this arc is definitely not the best. I'd rank it as my second-least favourite.

3 out of 5 socks

Sailor Moon S

The darkest of the story arcs, Sailor Moon S deals with many very serious themes. The enemy of Sailor Moon S is the mysterious organization, the Death Busters, who are trying to bring about the destruction of the world. Rei has visions of this in her dreams, but is reluctant to tell the others. Two new Sailor Warriors also show up, however their intentions are not clear to the others. Sailor Uranus (Haruka Tenoh) and Sailor Neptune (Michiru Kaioh) will stop at nothing to prevent the destruction of the Earth, even if that means sacrificing lives. This often puts them at odds with the other Sailor Warriors, who fight to save all life.

The Death Busters are looking for three artifacts in order to lead them to the Holy Grail. Whoever holds the Holy Grail, their power is intensified, and if held by the Messiah, it can save the world. However, if held by the Dark Messiah, it will mean the destruction of everything. The Death Busters, led by possessed scientist Professor Tomoe, create monsters to take the pure hearts from people, hoping to find the artifacts they need to locate the Holy Grail. Chibiusa comes back from the future, and makes friends with a strange girl named Hotaru, who is later revealed to be Professor Tomoe's daughter, and also Sailor Saturn, who is the Sailor Warrior of destruction. Uranus and Neptune want to destroy Hotaru, however Sailor Moon and the other four fight to protect her. In the final battle, the presence possessing Tomoe is released, and brings the destruction of the world with it. However, Sailor Moon, with the power of the Holy Grail, destroys it, and once again saves the Earth.

Now, THIS is what I'm talking about. Without a doubt, my absolute favourite arc. As with the first arc, there's so much emotion that it's hard to find legitimate criticism without sounding nit-picky, but this just goes so far beyond that I actually can't find anything negative to say about it. Hell, even Chibiusa's character is tolerable here.

What's worth noting is that this is without a doubt the funniest of the 5 story arcs. While humour was always present, this series just takes it to a whole other level, with every episode being legitimately humorous. As Kazlo stated in our collab-LP, the enemies in this are literally just throwing shit into a microwave and making bad guys. This concept alone is goofy enough, but some of the mundane objects create some of the most creative enemies, and you just have to love the personalities they are given.

Also, my two favourite characters are also introduced, Neptune and Uranus. Those of you outside of the loop, they are two of the most famous "out" lesbians in anime, and actually paved the way for all future lesbians in anime. They sort of take on the role of Tuxedo Mask in the first arc, but are much more interesting and their motivations are more complex and interesting. It's also really fun to see Haruka hit on pretty much all the other warriors.

Of course, humour and lesbians aside, this arc is the darkest. Characters literally sacrifice their lives for their purpose or friends, and just when you think things couldn't get any worse, shit reaches a whole new level of real. The enemies themselves fight amongst each other, each trying to impress Professor Tomoe and earn his love, but he is only driven by his desire to bring about the destruction of the Earth.

Without revealing TOO many spoilers (not that this is much of a spoiler anyway, I mean, let's be realistic: It's Sailor Moon), at the end when he is finally rid of the evil possessing him, and is forced to confront his daughter, it is definitely one of the most emotional parts in the entire series, and I compare it to the end of the first story arc.

5 out of 5 socks

Sailor Moon SuperS

Once again pressured by time, the Sailor Moon SuperS anime began before the manga, leading to the "least faithful" adaptation of the manga between the five arcs. While the story followed the manga, many thematic elements were dropped, as well as the presence of the four Outer Sailor Warriors (Neptune, Uranus, Pluto, Saturn). The enemy, the Dead Moon Circus, appears during a full solar eclipse. The Dead Moon Circus, in search of a Pegasus, send out the Amazon trio to capture people to look into their "beautiful dreams". Pegasus, who is unable to take form in the real world, takes refuge in Chibiusa's dreams. Even though he is in hiding, however, he helps Sailor Moon and the others by presenting them with new powers and attacks to fight the enemy. Eventually, the Amazon trio is defeated by the Sailor Warriors, but replaced by a more sinister enemy: the Amazoness Quartet.

The Dead Moon Circus is led by Queen Nehellenia and her Earth general Zirconia, who seeks revenge after being sealed away by old Queen Serenity after trying to take over the Silver Millenium. Nehellenia, who was jealous of Serenity's kingdom of light, has intensified her hate, and now seeks to destroy Neo-Queen Serenity and steal the Golden Crystal, which Pegasus guards. With the power of the Golden Crystal, she can become queen of Earth. Pegasus is revealed to be Helios, a guardian appointed by Queen Serenity to guard the Golden Crystal, and was captured by Nehellenia. Nehellenia obtains the Golden Crystal, and defeats the Sailor Warriors. However, consumed by jealousy and hate, she locks herself away back in the seal she came from.

Now, I liked this arc, even though many others don't. The enemies aren't, as they were in previous arcs, one-dimensional masters of evil with no motivation other than to destroy. To be fair, previous bad guys had changed alignments, but this was always sort of a one-episode fix. The Amazon Trio, in particular, are, ironically, the most human bad-guys in the entire series. They are, in fact, animals who have been granted human bodies through Nehellenia's powers, and yearn for the ability to dream. Eventually, they are saved by Pegasus, and their characters are never seen again. Which is a shame, because the conflict between the three was pretty funny and interesting at times. There was the effeminate lady's man (Tiger eye), the cougar hunter (Hawk eye), and the cross-dresser (Fish eye). It wasn't until this story arc that I really realized how much cross dressing there is in Sailor Moon. I don't get it.

Anyway, the Amazoness Quartet are equally interesting, but for different reasons. Their sole purpose is mischief, and this is often at odds with Zirconia. However, their complete lack of understanding of "human" concepts and emotions, like love and friendship, add a very sad, pitiful air to them. Eventually, they turn on Nehellenia, and help the Sailor Warriors take her down.

Nehellenia herself is an interesting character. She is not driven so much by her desire to destroy the world, but rather her fear of becoming ugly. She was the young, beautiful queen of the "Dark Moon", a kingdom at the time of the Silver Millennium. One day she looked at a mirror which reflected how she would look in the future, and the image was so hideous, it drove her mad. She attacked the Silver Millennium, but was cast out and imprisoned by Queen Serenity. Seeking her revenge, she tracked Usagi to the present day, and began her attack.

One thing that annoys me in particular about this series is how Usagi and Chibiusa must transform together, or I guess they just always do. Not only that, but there's a lot of air time wasted, because before Sailor Moon can use her attack, Chibiusa must first call Pegasus. This is just a minor fault, but it kind of detracted from the series. Still, I felt that this COULD have been the perfect conclusion. Nehellenia had ended up destroying herself, or sending herself back to her prison (I'm really not sure), and while there was no real emotional ending, it was still very uplifting. I would have been happy if it had ended here, but it did not.

4 out of 5 socks

Sailor Moon Stars

Sailor Stars is kind of the black sheep of the series. Takeuchi was ultimately disappointed with the adaptation, stating there were too many changes and omissions from her manga and vision that she had become quite upset with it. This was also my least favourite arc, and knowing Takeuchi's disappointments vindicate my feelings. Stars begins a full year after SuperS, and the girls are now all starting High School. Nehellenia, in her prison, is awakened by an unknown force. Provoked by the mysterious power, she captures all of the Sailor Warriors and Tuxedo Mask. Sailor Moon powers up, and using her new power, returns Nehellenia back to her past, before jealousy corrupted her.

The new enemy, Galaxia, searches people for Star Seeds. These Star Seeds are the heart crystals of Sailor Warriors across the galaxy. Galaxia hopes to steal these Star Seeds and rule the entire galaxy. Revealed to be the most powerful Sailor Warrior in the universe, Sailor Galaxia, who sealed the birth of evil, Chaos, many years ago in her own body, Galaxia tells the story of the eternal Sailor Wars. For ever, the Sailor Warriors fought countless incarnations of evil, all birthed from Chaos, in the Sailor Wars. In an effort to finally stop this, Sailor Galaxia took Chaos into her own body to try and end the war, but became corrupt herself. In her possessed state, she destroyed many planets, including one where three new Sailor Warriors lived.

Pop-idol group Three Lights, Seiya, Taiki, and Yaten are secretly Sailors Star Fighter, Star Maker, and Star Healer on a search for their princess, Kakyuu. With their songs, they hope to reach her, but she does not appear. Meanwhile, Galaxia is constantly in search of Star Seeds, and the Sailor Warriors continue to fight the new enemy. A mysterious girl, Chibi Chibi, appears and is revealed by Kakyuu near the end to be the Light of Hope that Sailor Galaxia sent across the galaxy when she took in Chaos, so that its awesome power would not be corrupt. The Light of Hope transfers to Sailor Moon, however Sailor Galaxy steals the star seeds of all the Sailor Warriors, and she is left alone with the Sailor Starlights to battle on her own. Using the Light of Hope, she banishes Chaos from Galaxia's body, however condemns all the Sailor Warriors to continue battling in the Sailor Wars.

Something about this ending is... I don't know. I really disliked this arc, and it's hard for me to put my finger on it. It'd be easy to say that it's because of how distant it was from Takeuchi's original vision, but that'd just be cheap.

First of all, I really dislike the characters of Three Lights. They are unnecessarily antagonistic and, frankly, useless characters. Their existence really only serves to complicate the plot, and I found myself lost for the first time watching the series.

Second, the allusion to other Sailor Warriors across the universe really sort of negates what is happening on Earth, although to be fair this was actually Takeuchi's own doing. Still, it was somehow more magical when it was just Usagi and her friends.

Third, there is really unnecessary tension with the absence of Mamoru's character, who is captured by Galaxia at the beginning of the arc. I can't believe I'm saying this, but I actually missed his character. I dunno, it just felt weird without him being there. Maybe he grew on me, maybe it was just stupid to have him gone.

Fourth, they changed the opening theme. FUCKING! I hate it. I really liked Moonlight Denetsu, but instead we got this bullshit song that I don't even know what the fuck it's called. It can suck a hairy bent dick.

Finally, the ending is nothing we haven't already gone through. Everyone dies, or is captured, and is brought back by Usagi's powers. Yeah yeah, we've been here before. There's a nice little end rhyme with Usagi narrating her standard opening lines from the first arc and Moonlight Denetsu in the background playing, but other than that PBBBBBBBBBTT.

3 out of 5 socks

The Characters

One of the best things about Sailor Moon is the characterization. Each character is unique, and you identify with many of their aspirations and dreams. Character consistency is also key, however they all grow and mature in their own personal way.

Sailor Moon
The beginning of each episode in the first arc says it all. Usagi Tsukino is just a girl who is a crybaby, and nothing particularly special about her. While emotional and not particularly strong willed, she will go to great lengths for her friends, and has the strongest powers of the group. Although she does mature, Usagi often doubts herself, and sometimes even gives up in the tough of battle, however always pulls through with her easy-going attitude.

Obviously, Usagi evolves the most out of all the other characters. It is HER show, after all. And while I do really like her, I just can't say she's my favourite. Although it is worth noting that she's the shortest character in the entire series.

Yes, it is worth noting that.

Her attacks are, in order of learning:
Moon Tiara Action
Moon Healing Escalation
Moon Princess Halation
Moon Spiral Heart Attack
Rainbow Moon Heart Ache
Moon Gorgeous Meditation
Starlight Honeymoon Therapy Kiss
Silver Moon Crystal Power Kiss

Sailor Mercury
Ami is the smartest of the group, and there are numerous references to her being the famous genius girl of Japan. She takes her studies very seriously, but is also very modest. She treasures her friendship with Usagi the most, as she was her first friend after she moved. Even though she is the weakest of the warriors, she shows on numerous occasions that she can fight using her mind just as well as the others.

Probably the most genuine character, Ami is also the most transparent. She keeps no secrets, and overcomes many personal hurdles. I think she definitely develops the most, besides Usagi. I never used to like Ami, much like the Blue Ranger in the original Power Rangers series, but now I find an space in my heart for her.

Her attacks are:
Shabon (Bubble) Spray
Shabon Spray Freezing
Shine Aqua Illusion
Mercury Aqua Rhapsody
She also uses a special microcomputer and goggles to interface with the computer to find enemy weakpoints, etc.

Sailor Mars
Rei's character is the only one to completely change from the manga to the anime. Depicted as calm, cool, and collected in Takeuchi's original manga, she is rash and tempermental in the show. The strongest willed of the warriors, she is constantly at odds with Usagi, who she considers weak. However, she trusts Sailor Moon as the leader of the group, and is always there for her when she needs it.

Rei is without a doubt the most interesting Sailor Warrior. Her background is very much a mystery, and she is the only one of the group who goes to a different school. Her origins are never fully fleshed out in the anime, and, to my understanding, only briefly touched upon in the manga (Although this Rei is a completely different character, so this can almost be disregarded). She used to be my favourite character growing up, but now seems somewhat shallow. Still, her conflict with Usagi is fun to watch.

Her attacks are:
Fire Soul
Fire Soul Bird
Burning Mandala (Worth nothing, the only attack that remained unchanged through all versions of the show)
Mars Flame Sniper
Rei also employs the Kuji-in ritual, both the mantra and mundra, for several purposes.

Sailor Jupiter
A tall, strong tomboy-ish character, Makoto tries to counter her image by pursuing domestic endeavors, such as cooking, cleaning, and sewing. She is physically strong, and a black belt, and loves to fight. Her parents died when she was younger, and now lives alone. She loves gardening, and has taken a protective role over Usagi.

I definitely think that Sailor Jupiter is my favourite of the inner Warriors, now. There's a real dichotomy with her character, and it's interesting how her two loves and desires seem never to conflict with each other. She's quick to fight, quick to act, and quick to point out her superior "talent". She is also the most obsessed with finding a romantic partner, and always compares guys to "her senpai that spurned her". This is a recurring gag that, surprisingly, doesn't get old.

Her attacks are:
Supreme Thunder
Supreme Thunder Dragon
Sparkling Wide Pressure
Jupiter Oak Evolution

Sailor Venus
The original Sailor Warrior in the anime, Minako is experienced and is considered the most mature of the group. She has a dark past of betrayal and loss that she keeps hidden from the others, but pushes forward with her dreams to become a pop idol. The most beautiful of the group, Mina considers herself a Goddess of love. She is the leader of the four guardians, and is second in eminence only to Sailor Moon. Her character was loosely the basis for Usagi, and so they share many similarities, however where Usagi is overemotional, Minako is simply melodramatic.

While Minako started off as somewhat of an outsider in the first arc, she was further integrated with the others in subsequent arcs. Still, there are many times in which she acts on her own, or is distanced from the others. There are many points in the series where her character seems not to be consistent, which makes somewhat sense considering the context of her existence in Sailor Moon, but can sometimes be annoying.

Her attacks are:
Crescent Beam
Crescent Beam Shower
Venus Love-me Chain
Venus Love and Beauty Shock (Really stupid)

Sailor Pluto
Not much is known about her. She is trusted with the key to the gate of time, and rarely ever leaves her place of duty. On Earth she goes by the alias Setsuna, but makes no friends, except with Chibiusa, whom she calls by her real name Small Lady. The oldest of the ten warriors of the Solar System, she acts as a mother figure to the other warriors - often stern, but always helpful.

I believe Sailor Pluto is the only character not to develop in any way, which adds an air of mystery behind her. Obviously, she is a sad character, as she is destined to watch the door of time forever, not letting her existence known to anyone.

Oh, except when she decides to go visit Earth. Yeah, whatever.

Still, I like Setsuna a lot, and she is conspicuously absent from the anime JUST enough for me to not criticize her lack of depth.

Her sole attack is:
Dead Scream
She also employs certain time controlling powers, but only as a last resort.

Sailor Uranus
A masculine tomboy, Haruka is often mistaken for a guy due to her demeanor and the way she dresses. While she has a good heart, she often takes a "man's" approach to things, and will sacrifice whatever she needs to get at her goal. She is in a romantic relationship with Michiru, and often prefers to work alone with Sailor Neptune. She has a bad habit of hitting on young girls, and captured the hearts of Minako and Makoto early on.

Probably my favourite character out of the entire series. Possibly because I find myself identifying with her the most, and possibly because she has a nice ass.

While Haruka doesn't go through any major changes, she does make several realizations that affect her relationships with the others. She also has my favourite attack out of any of the other warriors.

Her attacks are:
Space Sword Blaster
Should also be noted that she is the only character that has beaten Makoto in hand to hand combat easily.

Sailor Neptune
Sweet and elegant, Michiru is Haruka's partner. A talented painter and violinist, she is beautiful and friendly, although strong-willed like Uranus. She understands that sacrifices will need to be made, and is actually usually more ready to follow through than Haruka. Her beauty entices the other sailor warriors, and is willing to be friends. Later, she is written to be somewhat flirtatious, but this is usually just a ploy to make Haruka jealous. Both Haruka and Michiru are a year older than the others.

Michiru's character is somewhat shallow, but also, like Ami, very transparent. Like Haruka, she will stop at nothing to achieve her goals, but sometimes acts in a very cold manner than seems contradictory to her sympathetic nature. Written to be the most beautiful Warrior, her beauty does captivate many of the other characters, but her flaws aren't enough to mask her perfection. Also, her colours are stupid.

Her attacks are:
Deep Submerge
Submarine Reflection

Sailor Saturn
Hotaru holds the ultimate power of destruction. Her personality is not fully explored in the anime, but she is depicted as a frail and weak young girl. Emotionally, she has the darkest spirit of the group, as she realizes her purpose and power - the power to destroy anything by taking her own life. She is lonely, but made good friends with Chibiusa. She also has powers in her human form, both the ability to hurt and heal, which she often blacks out after and does not remember using.

Honestly, there's not much to say about Hotaru. Her character is so one-dimensional, and quite frankly useless. There is so much talk about her power to destroy an entire world, but this is never utilized. In fact, others STOP her from doing this so many times, it becomes almost routine.

But, like Setsuna, not enough of her is really seen for me to dislike her too much.

Her sole attack is:
Silent Wall
It should be noted that this attack is only ever seen once or twice.

Tuxedo Mask
A college student, Mamoru is depicted as a cool guy. He is the strongest physically of the group, and fights using his staff and with roses. When he was younger, he was in a car accident that killed his parents, and lost much of his memory. Initially, he is not aware that he is Tuxedo Mask, and is haunted by a dream pleading he find the Silver Crystal. He discovers who he is eventually, and becomes Usagi's love interest. He is always calm and collected, and Usagi's opposite.

My least favourite character, by far. He became increasingly trivial in the arcs following the first, until his appearance was so unnecessary it was really only filler. He is also a Gary Stu, and I hate him.

He has no special powers, but attacks by throwing roses, and has an extending cane that is probably a reference to Goku's extending bo staff from Dragon Ball.

Sailor Chibi Moon
I don't like Chibiusa.
Her attacks are:
Stupid and dumb
It should be noted that FUCK.

My opinion
I could go on for hours and hours about Sailor Moon, but I'll just simply say that it is incredible. The writing, the art, the animation, everything just works so well together. In short, there's no wonder it revitalized the magical girl genre and popularized anime in North America.

Now, let's get onto the fun part! Here are some awards I present to the anime series!

Story Arc Awards

Best Story Arc
While it's easy for me to just say every one (Except for Sailor Moon Stars), I'll reluctantly award this to Sailor Moon S. It explored the characters and their motives so deeply, and really shed the shojyo stigma. While I think I enjoyed the first and fourth arcs more for different reasons, I can say this is probably the best one in terms of writing.

Funniest Story Arc
Without hesitation, Sailor Moon SuperS. I was constantly laughing out loud while watching it. While most fans hate this arc because of it, it is one of my favourites because of.

Most Emotional Story Arc
Again, this is a tough one for me, but I think I'll actually have to say Sailor Moon R. Whereas the other arcs all led up to a big emotional final battle, Sailor Moon R was a constant ride.

Best Drawn and Animated Story Arc
While I didn't enjoy it as much as the others, Sailor Moon Stars undoubtedly had the best art.

Favourite Story Arc
Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon. It had the most impact on me while watching it, and it really changed my perception of a lot of things. Ai to seigi no sailor fuku bishojyo senshi: SAILOR MOON! Tsukini kawatte otiokyo!

Character Awards

Favourite Character
My favourite character growing up was Sailor Mars, but having just watched the series again I think it's changed to Sailor Jupiter. Whatever, this is a stupid award anyway.

Favourite Attack
This one I'll have to break down into two awards, because Sailor Moon has so many. For the Sailor Warriors, Sailor Uranus' "World Shaking" is by far my favourite. Sailor Moon's "Moon Gorgeous Meditation", while the stupidest name for an attack, is my favourite of hers.


Favourite Transformation Sequence
This is a really tough one, but I think I'll give it to Sailor Venus. In Sailor Jupiter's, though, you can kind of see her bum :I

Character I have a Crush on
Ami Mizuno.


Show Awards

Best Intro
While the first four arcs all used the same song (Moonlight Denetsu), there were two different versions of it. My personal favourite was the first version, used in the first two arcs.

And yes, I hated the fifth's arc intro. It's dumb and stupid.

Best Transformation Music
I'll give this one, again, to the original arc. It's such an unexpected arrangement of different instruments and sounds, and like the intro, combines a rock motif with a classical tone.

Best Musical Motif
This one is hard to explain, but that musical tinge that accompanies all the enemies is my favourite. Unfortunately, I can't find a video of it, but it's sprinkled all over the show. Go find it yourself.

I also actually kind of like the Sailor Starlight's theme, I guess. Whatever.

Most Emotional Moment
When Sailor Moon is sitting, alone, on an iceberg after all the Sailor Warriors have died. It was hard enough to see them all go, but this moment with Sailor Moon just pushed me over the edge.

Best Commercial Breaker
Again, another award to the original Sailor Moon arc. It just happens to be the only one with two different breaks, even if it's just a different track. Well, the second does have two different animations, but one has a bunch of chibi characters and it's really dumb and stupid.

Stupidest Moment
In Sailor Moon Stars, when Haruka, Michiru, and Setsuna are surrounded by enemies, Sailor Neptune enlightens us with a bit of wisdom.

Best Outro
Again, this will go to the first arc. The second ending is just so beautiful.

And there you have it! If there's anything else I can say, I can't think of what it is. Definitely go check the series out. I think you'll be surprised.

4 out of 5 socks

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