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It's Time For A Contest! Yay!

Have you ever laid in bed late at night and pondered to yourself, Gee, I wonder what it would be like to own something of Polly's, only to wake up in a cold sweat and realize that this reality may never come to fruition? Well, fear not, my friends, because your* chance to "live the fantasy" has just arrived!

(*only residents of the UNITED STATES and CANADA can win the MATERIAL PRIZES.)

Welcome to Socksmakepeoplesexy.Net's very first (of a few more...I think!) CONTEST, featuring FUN and CRAPTASTIC PRIZES! Emphasis on FUN, I hope.


The Find Ume, Win Fantasy Contest runs from December 1st - December 5th, 2008. The Contest officially ends at 12:00am EST the night of December 5th. Entries received even one minute late will be discarded.

Da Loot

You are about to embark on a journey. A journey that will take you to the depths of Socksmakepeoplesexy.Net and back. Should you survive the experience, then you have my respect. If you survive the experience and pass the test with flying colors, then you get my stuff!.

That's right! You're competing to own crap I don't want anymore. How's that for incentive to do well in something like a contest? Like I said, I hope you have some fun, but there are prizes to be had as well. "Like what?" you ask? Well how about this...

A Previously Polly-Played Copy of Final Fantasy IV for Nintendo DS!

Click for bigger. Styrofoam plate NOT included!

Purchased the date of release and played on and off since then, the game comes in perfect, pristine condition (as should be expected of everything I own) and most importantly has been played and hated by me! You get the game, box, manual, and all the inserts! You also get my unfinished save data! Can you enter the Tower of Zot and continue to finish the Fantasy I couldn't? Grind out those levels to avoid the full-party one-hit kills that I got tired of. You not only win a good-as-new game, you'll be able to say, "I'm better at Final Fantasy IV DS than Polly! HAHA!" Not many people get to say they're better than me at ANYTHING!

If you want, I'll even throw in an autograph on the box or manual! I'll even personalize it! Whatever you want! Just request something like that if you win and it's yours!

One-of-a-Kind Exclusive Pat & Polly Styrofoam Plate Comic

Click for bigger. Cutting board not included. :(

What is now a blank slate, will be 100% soaked in Pat & Polly Sharpie Goodness which may or may not actually resemble the comic, because I suck at art. Even blocks and stick figures. This will be your VERY OWN piece of Pat & Polly history, as it will be the only one that exists. A Pat & Polly comic, just for you, hand-drawn on one or more styrofoam plates! I know you're probably as torn as me on which of these should be the grand prize! You'll be the envy of ALL 3 people who used to read The Adventures of Pat & Polly when it was still around!

3rd-5th PRIZES
Your Very Own Sliders n' Socks Forum Custom Title

Administrative authority not included. :(

Show those other low-life members on that stupid little forum just how awesome you were when Polly held that one contest, with your very own Custom Title! Yes, what should be a standard feature on all forum software to begin with, phpBB said, "we're too cool for that!" and nixed it. But with my ADMINISTRATION MAGIC and a little work from you, the dream of identifying yourself as better than everyone else can finally come true! Whatever you want it to be!*

(*so long as chosen title fits within board technical specifications and isn't unreasonable.)

That's da loot! So how do you play? Well, read on to find out more!

How To Play

Firstly, you will need to be using a FULLY-FUNCTIONAL WEB BROWSER. This means you'll need to have fancy doo-dads like Flash and JavaScript enabled for my site in order to participate effectively. I HIGHLY suggest Mozilla FireFox for participation in this contest. I've tested everything in Internet Explorer as well and everything looks on the up and up, but FireFox is a sure-shot. No, I haven't tried it in Google Chrome because I'm a lazy fuck.

Now, onto business!

This is Ume-sensei. Say hi!

Ume-sensei is hanging out all over SMPS.Net this week and it's your job to find her. She's fast, so you'll probably see her all over the place! Ume-sensei has made it her duty to look through each and every page of this site, so I'm confident you'll bump into her once or twice while casually browsing around.

How many times can you spot Ume-sensei? Hmmmmmm?

You should keep in mind that Ume-sensei is crafty. She could be just about anywhere. So you'll have to be just as crafty, if not more so, in order to find her!

So how do you play? It's simple!

1. - Create a new .txt file. .TXT FILES ONLY!

2. - Every time you find an Ume-sensei, enter it in to your text file like so:
She's just hanging out!
[Where's she at/what's she doing on the next line.]

She's just hanging out!
[Where's she at/what's she doing on the next line.]

Your entries should look like this:

TWO SPECIFIC Ume-sensei's will require you to also include any "special methods" that you used to find them. These Ume-sensei's are specifically noted when you find them, so no worries about missing this information, but you will need to include this information in order to get credit for the find.

Do this until you're ABSOLUTELY SURE you've tracked down every Ume-sensei or are confident with the number of Ume-sensei's you've found.

3. - Send your entry to the following email address as an attachment.
Make sure to put the number of Ume-sensei's you found in the Subject field for my own organizational purposes. Each entry WILL BE MANUALLY CHECKED, so there's no room open to exploit the system here.

4. - Please provide a FIRST NAME in your email. No internet handles please.


6. - Sit back and wait for the results to roll in! Entries will be manually checked three times and confirmed as they arrive, so results should be posted soon after the contest is over, barring a last-minute flood of entries, which now that I think about it is yeah!


When the contest ends the night of Decemher 5th, the next morning I will begin final Ume-sensei counts to determine the winners. Winners are decided like so:

1. - The entry with the most confirmed found Ume-sensei's is the Grand Prize Weiner.

2. - The runner-up prize and prizes for 3rd-5th place, are declared by who found the 2nd most, 3rd, 4th, and 5th most confirmed Ume-sensei's.

3. - In the event of a tie, the entry that arrived first is declared the winner of that position. This rule affects all prizes. So, for instance, if you tied for the Grand Prize, but got your entry in later, you'd get bumped to the 2nd prize.

4. - Once the contest has ended and final counts are made, I will immediately email the winners from my personal email account not related to to confirm their details. Please try and respond to this email within 24-48 hours. I'll wait a maximum of three days for a reply, at which point, the prize will be re-distributed.

Rules & Eligibility

1. - Only residents of the UNITED STATES and CANADA can win the Final Fantasy IV and Pat & Polly Comic prizes. This is due to unreasonable international shipping rates and will not change my mind about this. For this reason, the final results will not be posted until the material prize winners have provided me with their addresses and I can confirm that they're eligible.

2. - YOU ONLY GET ONE SHOT so make sure you're happy with your final Ume-sensei total. NO DUPICATE ENTRIES. Duplicate entries and suspected duplicate entries will be discarded along with the original entry being disqualified. All entries will be checked thoroughly.

3. - Do not discuss or disclose Ume-sensei locations on the forum or any other public place (ex: the #sns chat).

4. - Ume-sensei will not appear anywhere other than the SMPS main site. No need to go digging for her on the Forum or Twitter.

5. - If there are updates to the site during the course of the contest, fear not! Ume-sensei only appears in content posted on the site between April 2005 - November 2008.

6. - Once final results have been posted, all Ume-sensei locations will be revealed and will remain on the site for a few days after.

Claiming Your Prize

For The Game and Comic:
If you're the lucky winner, I'll need to be provided with an address to ship the damn thing to, which won't be asked for until you're confirmed the winner. Once I've received this information, your prize will be shipped out within 24-48 hours (unless it's confirmed on a weekend, then it will take longer) of confirmation by USPS, so watch your mailbox.

Once the item has left the alternate shipping location of a bunker somewhere out in the mid-west near a cheese factory (where, as of this writing it has already arrived), it's out of my control. It'll be packaged nice and comfy to ensure safe transit, but if it arrives at your doorstep in a condition not matching how it left (pre-shipping pictures will be taken and dated), there's really nothing I can do to help you. I take no responsibility for the hassle, as it's an item I don't even want and you got for free in a dumb internet contest. xP

For The Custom Titles
Obviously, you'll need to be a member of the Sliders n' Socks Forum. Once I've confirmed you the winner, I'll email you and ask what you'd like your custom title to be and then set it. From then on, you can PM me to change your custom title. Try and keep changes to once a week, if you feel the need to constantly change it.

Final Notes/In Closing

-Some Ume-sensei's have numbers and weird markings associated with them. (ex: Ume-sensei #00). You DO NOT need to include these numbers in your entry, they're only there for organizational purposes and hint-dropping.

-Nope, I won't tell you how many Ume-sensei's there are until the final results are posted. There are however HINTS scattered around the site and affixed to various Ume-sensei's that can lead you in the right direction and help fill out your entry.

-Ume-sensei's never move around. They're always where you find them, so you need not worry about dirty tricks like that.

-Beware false leads.

-Aw shucks, here. Take a free Ume-sensei to get yourself started.

-Ume-sensei can't always be found by conventional methods. Just visiting random pages on the site will yeild only a few Ume-sensei's. Be prepared to use your noodle.

-Ume-sensei likes to hide.

So, there you have it. Have fun tracking down Ume-sensei and browsing your way through the history of Socksmakepeoplesexy.Net. You may run into something you forgot about or something you may see for the first time!

Good luck, everybody! And do have fun!


Legal-ish crap
This contest is being supplied and run entirely by Socksmakepeolesexy.Net/Myself. It is not affiliated with any other site. There are absolutely no third-parties involved in the running of this contest, nor anyone made privy to the nature of the contest or details concerning its contents.

In the event of site downtime, depending on the duration, contest ending date may be adjusted.

If, at any time the contest becomes too much for the site to handle (temporarily shut down by host would be the most likely cause of this), the contest will have to be cancelled. My hosting has been great for the time I've been with them, but I'm neither sure of how much of a load the site can handle nor am I exactly sure of when/if the site would temporarily disable my site for CPU usage.

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