Doom III: Resurrection of Evil
by Polly

*Note: This game is being judged on what it offers as an expansion, not as a stand-alone game. Just a little something to remember.

Having only recently finished Doom III, I was happy to have picked up the expansion. I was extremely eager to get back into the midst of things, and find out what events would unfold after the events in the original. But most of all, I was happy to just get back into the dark and eerie environments and serve up some more demon ass-whoopage. You already know that I love the hell out of the original Doom III, so I won't waste your time going on and on about a lot of the things you already know about it that I covered in that review.

Resurrection of Evil picks up two years after the events that took place in the original. The UAC has set up shop again to do some study on the ancient civilization discovered by the former science team before them. The game opens with a group of Marines exploring the excavation site from Doom III VERY cautiously. One Marine (we'll call him the smart one), stumbles onto a strange artifact sealed in the ruins and takes ahold of it, spinning his entire team into a world of "We Just Got The Fuck Killed Out Of Us" they'd never even fathomed existed. You are that (once again) nameless Marine. Not to be confused with the nameless Marine from the original. No, this guy's new, which kinda bummed me out a bit, but meh. But this sets the stage for the entire game, and it is once again your duty to stop a full-on invasion.

Resurrection of Evil does exactly what an expansion should do, really. There's enough new stuff here to keep anyone who enjoyed the original interested. First and foremost is the return of the motherfucking SUPER GOD DAMN SHOTGUN, BABY! That's right! It's back! And it'll fuck up just about everything with one shot if you're close enough. Revenants getting on your last nerve? Pinkies got you backpedalling for your life? Give em a face full-o-double-buckshot and make em say your name. The gun's sound effect is so deliciously gratifying.

Also new is a, possibly inspired by Half-Life 2, "Grabber." Doom's version of the Gravity Gun. A lot of people say it's gimmicky. Hell, when I first heard about it, I thought it was gimmicky. But, I think it's actually a pretty fun little piece of equipment to play with. The Grabber is a lot more combat oriented than Half-Life 2's Grav-gun. You can use it to conserve ammo by lobbing enemies' projectiles right back at them. You can use it to snag some out of reach ammo, Medkits, and Armor, and it's also used to solve a few puzzles here and there. You might actually have to break it out in order to damage a boss or two as well. The only problem I found with the Grabber, is that it does make the game a bit of a breeze.

Perhaps the most interesting new addition is the Artifact. One of the coolest damn things I've ever seen animated in a videogame that's for sure. The Artifact is an item that you power up by beating the game's bosses and it feeds off of souls for "ammunition." For each boss you defeat, you get a new power for the Artifact such as Helltime. Helltime is sort of like bullet-time, only you stay at full-speed while it's active. While Helltime is in effect your enemies become extremely slow and almost unable to fight back, which is extremely helpful when the game decides to throw a ton of enemies at you at once in some tight quarters. Other powers include Berserk (Doom fans already know what this is) and invincibility. All are activated when you use the artifact, so there's no having to select a power or remembering which key activates each one.

There's a group of new enemies you'll be dealing with, in addition to most of the demons from the original. Most common if these new enemies is the Vulgar, which is kind of like an Imp but on crack. These fuckers are a lot quicker than Imps and hurl green-ish-blue balls of plasma at you and they're not afraid to get up in your face either. Forgotten Ones aren't much different than Lost Souls. They'll rush at you, but a bit faster and in larger numbers. Bruisers are kinda the outcome of a really bad Hell Knight/Mancubus all night fuck-fest. They're big, mean, and ugly, and they take one hell of a pounding and have NO qualms about dishing it out either. The game also sports a whole cast of new bosses, but those are better left to be experienced than explained. The bosses DO feel more like bosses this time around and not just harder normal enemies. They require a bit more thinking and skill than those of Doom III, but are no less grotesque and menacing, so they're very welcome additions.

Resurrection of Evil's single-player campaign is a decent length. Don't go in expecting another full-on Doom III experience. The expansion is maybe half of that or a little less. You'll notice that you don't spend near as much time in each stage of the game as you did in the original. There's not quite as much backtracking, either. You're pretty much led on a straight path through each stage and more often than not, you'll find the keys and PDAs you'll need to advance along the way instead of being veered off into an entirely different direction. The game is also a bit on the easy side. I didn't struggle too much at all, and was playing on the Veteran difficulty. I attribute this to the new weapons, especially the Grabber and the Double-Barrel Shotty. The bosses, though more innovative than the original's also fall a bit short on the difficulty side. They just don't seem as fierce in their attack patterns. A good player should have the whole thing finished in a decent amount of time, say 5-8 hours.

Doom III: Resurrection of Evil is just more Doom III, and I can't say I find fault with that at all. The new weapons, enemies, and single-player campaign are more than enough to justify the price you pay for it. And they added a lot more stuff for your multiplayer junkies too, including a Capture the Flag mode. I don't have any experience with Doom III multiplayer, so I can't really comment on that. What I can say though, is that I was very happy with this expansion, even if it was a bit short. It's more of everything I liked and then some, and I couldn't ask for more.

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