The First Ever SMPS.Net Games of the Year 2011 Thing Index

So, this year we're doing something we've never done here before at SMPS.Net. Since I ended up having played a shitton of games over the last 365 24-hour cycles, it felt like it was about high-time we got in on this whole "Year In Revew" market. So, myself and a few invited friends have come together to create personal lists of all the highlights (and possibly lowlights) of our respective year in gaming for you to enjoy.

These lists aren't necessarily rigid "Games Released In 2011" affairs. The only rule for the following lists was that if you played it in 2011, you could write about it, and that's how most of us approached the task. So, be aware before reading that you won't always be reading about the newest and shiniest things gaming had to offer this year, and we hope you enjoy!

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