Human Reviews: Part Two
by Peaches

Auntie K and Uncle M
Year Released: 1990
Compatible with: Super Mario/Duck Hunt, Super Mario 3, and that bright orange Zapper light gun.

My uncle was about as old as I am now, when I was in kindergarten. It's hard to imagine, especially since the first edition has been lost to time, effectively replaced with the Married to a Woman Half His Age edition (which may be an improvement - critics are still divided on the matter). Back then, he lived with my aunt, his sister, who eventually got married herself and gave birth to the only human younger than 17 that I don't hate. I don't know who owned the collection, but it had enough NES carts to fill two drawers on a big television cabinet. Why was their house so much better than ours?

I find it hard to imagine a cart that contains either Super Mario Bros. or Duck Hunt, not both. They had the combo cart, and I think for awhile I was convinced they were the same game. I never played much Duck Hunt, maybe I wasn't that good at it (those ducks sure could move!) I have much more vivid memories of K and M taking the time to show me the finer points of video games, and we grew closer as they showed me how to improve my gaming skills (Welcome to Warp Zone!). And even Super Mario 3 found us interacting closely (Take me away, magic whistle!) There was definately something magical about having my beloved elders impart upon me their great wisdom about skipping levels in video games. This must be what ancient tribal peoples felt when they were passed down the spear of their grandfather, but before they were beheaded by the neighboring tribe.

What really earns my aunt and uncle a place in this review is staying power. Not only have the sequels captured the fun of the originals, but they have even stayed true to their roots. It wasn't as magical seeing my uncle play Halo by making a profile named "Candyass" and overturning the Warthog, but it sure was fun.


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