Jaq's Top 25 Games of All Time
by Jaq

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#25 - Grand Theft Auto 3 (PS2)

Yeah, number 25.

This was my first exposure to the GTA series, which I was aware of as being "drive a car and steal other cars". What really took me in was the monstrous 3D world that allowed you to do just about anything you could imagine. That's a nice car, let's steal it and drive it off a bridge. That's an annoying pedestrian, let's club him with something and flee the police. That's a nice police car, I'll steal it and fight crime. ...what?

Bonus points: You could ignore the story missions completely and just cause havoc for hours on end.

#24 - Sonic the Hedgehog (Genesis)

The first rule of Nintendo fans was once "Sega is bad". One either had an NES or a Master System, that's it. The same went for SNES and Genesis, or so I once believed. A friend of mine happened to have both, and one day he introduced me to this interesting blue thing that could really move and had an attitude. My belief in the power of Nintendo was cracked, but not destroyed. I would practically wear out the demo units at department stores trying to get as far as possible before being dragged away by heavily armed enforcers.

Bonus points: An insanely colorful environment that was surreal and believable at the same time.

#23 - Blaster Master (NES)

You play a kid who chases his pet frog down a hole, only to see it grow suddenly upon exposure to a surprise crate of plutonium. It jumps down another, deeper hole, but don't worry.. because you also find a super-advanced tank parked nearby that just might be from space. They just don't make games like this anymore.

Bonus points: Incredible music and many upgrades for your tank.

#22 - River Raid (Atari 5200)

If an Atari game had the Activision label you knew it was good. Seriously, finding a bad Activision game back then was like finding an original EA title now. River Raid was simple and complex at the same time: You fly through an infinite river valley shooting everything in sight, but you had multiple types of enemies with different movement patterns trying to stop you. Not to mention the bridge at the end of each level.. I learned early on that the best way to crush your enemy is to destroy their infrastructure.

Bonus points: Shooting the fuel tanks *JUST* as you're about to fly out of it for even more points. We all did it.

#21 - Startropics (NES)

Try finding someone that remembers playing this game, or even remembers it at all. Basically, you control a kid with a yo-yo as he navigates through island tunnels, eventually fighting an alien invader mastermind on his (its?) own space ship. And you jump a lot. Just play it and see, but have some free time in advance.

Bonus points: Your guy sticks bananas in his ears and dresses like a girl. Trust me, PLAY IT.

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