5 Reasons Why The N64 Doesn't Suck
by decoy octopus

Reason #1:
Mischief Makers, Developed by Treasure.

Mischief makers harkens back to an era long since past, an era where graphics didn't matter (Although MM's sprite effects are good) and gameplay was king. Long before violence was a selling point for a game, a small girl named Marina shake shake'd her way into our hearts..for all three of us that have actually played this game. This is one of those games people rally to when people ask their opinions on what's an awesome game, even if they haven't played it.
It's probably the best 2D game for the Nintendo 64, and something that's dirt cheap now. I highly recommend it.

Reason #2:
Zelda: Ocarina of time/Majora's Mask

Well people might hate me for this, but I liked both Zelda games. True the camera is a bitch to fight with, and some of the side quests are trials in patience, and the Water Temple in Ocarina made me weep openly. But they did take that first baby step forward into the next gen. I just didn't think Nintendo wouldn't evolve past these engines for a long time. Unless the newest Zelda game moves away from it, it'll be a trial in patience like the last three. It's not a broken game by any means, but the flaws inherant in 3D games hurt and hinders it a bit.

Reason #3:
Paper Mario

With this game, Nintendo proved it didn't really need Square to make a classic (Square pretty much developed the original Mario RPG on SNES). It has all the charm of a Nintendo game, coupled with a pretty fun battle time system, and the cutest sprites you'll ever see. Some of the emotions Mario goes through is just fun, and most of the charachters you use as sidekicks add a lot to the game in my opinion, and the stealthy bits with Princess Toadstool add a lot of flavor to the game. All in all, it's pretty much the only RPG (Besides Ogre Battle 64) worth even touching on N64, because the only other one is Quest 64. and unggnghgh that one hurts me internally.

Reason #4:
Goldeneye 007

This game revolutionized the First Person Shooter on consoles. This is Rare's second finest hour in my opinion, and is the second most addiciting multi-player game in recent memory in my honest opinion. Starting off with a movie license is usually a death knell for any game, but this is one of the very very few games based on a movie that works.

Despite the now primitive looking graphics, it still holds it's own today against bigger badder threats like doom3 and Halo 2. The controls flow wonderfully, and it's actually a lengthy game that wraps up perfectly. How many games today can you say that of?

Reason #5:
Star Fox 64

This is THE reason to own a Nintendo 64. They took the building blocks of Starfox on SNES and the discarded parts of Starfox 2 (Not released) and built this masterpiece. Hidden paths, medals to unlock, splitting missions, and just plain fun. Remeber when games were fun and not chores to be completed? This is the most fun I've had outside Tetris Attack in my entire gaming life, and that's saying a lot. And even after this masterpiece of gaming, Nintendo still fumbled the ball with Star Fox Adventures (Which I can semi-forgive, because it was an existing game and just slapped with new charachters a'la Super Mario Brothers 2.) and Star Fox ASSault. This series is all but dead, but it peaked here and now with Star Fox 64. Also introduced Rumble Technology for videogames. Which has become the defacto standard for everything nowadays.

People have bitched about the Nintendo 64 doing a lot of bad things, but what other system could survive as long as this one did with pretty much 0 third party support? If you took away Square from Sony would they have done as well in the PS1 era? What about no Halo for Xbox? That's pretty much game over for Microsoft and they join 3D0 and Atari's Jaguar in the scrap heap don't they? And there's a ton of marginal fun games for N64 like Blast Corps, Banjo-Kazooie, Conker's Bad Fur Day, the early WCW wrestling games, Bangai-O (Import) and even Pokemon Colosseum when Pokemon was cool for that 5 or 6 seconds.

So go back to your new fangled systems, and I'll be sitting here with my old stuff and playing good games, and not tech demos with gameplay afterthoughts.

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