Super C
by Polly

The original Contra was a great game. In terms of a side scrolling, action shoot-em-up, you really couldn't ask for any thing better. Super C was released a couple years after the original landmark title, oddly losing the "Contra" in the name (which DID appear in Contra's arcade sequel Super Contra, from which this game is based.) What's odd is that most people will rattle off the original Contra as a classic game. You'll rarely if EVER find Super C mentioned in that calibur of games, even though it far exceeds the original in every way. Maybe it's that kind of nostalgia people have with bands' debut CDs, where they can't seem to like anything released afterward as much, even if it may be better and more mature.

Super C doesn't really offer anymore in terms of gameplay than the original, but it takes what made the original Contra so orgasmically good, and slaps a new nice firm set of tits on it and a juicy tight pussy making you totally wanna make love to it all over again. And this time you'll leave the lights on.

First thing you'll notice is that Super C's graphics are a whole hell of a lot prettier. Backgrounds are nice and vibrant with colors that are really easy on the eyes. Character and enemy sprites are nicely animated and bosses are just a LOT more impressive and menacing looking than those that appeared in the original Contra. The stages you find yourself in all have a really good variety and they never feel too samey. From the opening raid on the enemy base, to a nice looking jungle area that segues into a cavern, to the final Alien Lair, all the areas are nice and developed and distinguish themselves very well

The soundtrack is by far one of the best that the NES has to offer. It's a lot "harder" than what you're used to hearing in NES games. All the tunes are very memorable (notice how I haven't said this about any of the next gen games I've reviewed?) and can get stuck in your head from prolonged play. Most of the weapon sound effects and other various audio cues are lifted directly from the original, which I don't think was sloppy, because it worked out nicely and they still fit the game well.

Gameplay is still as tight if not tighter than the original. The action is far more frenzied as you now have attacks from enemies coming from all areas of the screen. The game is much harder than the original Contra. You'll be watching your back a lot more doing more than just shooting a bunch of running drones and a sniper here and there. It'll take a casual gamer more than a few continues to fight their way through all eight stages. They're tough, but never too overwhelming. It'll take some trial and error here and there, but persistence will see you through the affair.

All the standard Contra weapons are here, Machinegun, Laser, Spread, and the Flamethrower got a much needed upgrade, but it truly unbalanced the game in a bad way because it can demolish almost every boss in 4-8 hits if all 4 fireballs connect. This game also marks the point in which Konami started taking liberties with the Contra series that we're still feeling to this day. This game introduces the first overhead perspective stages found in a Contra game. They're actually done pretty well here, but have never been done right since.

It all makes for a very satisfying package, and a pretty fun way to waste away an afternoon. Super Contra was a great arcade game, but it was far too short. Super C brought the arcade home and beefed it up adding just the right amount of new material to make a home conversion worth the purchase. It's one of my favorite NES games of all time, and it saddens me that they've been unsuccessful at ever reproducing this winning formula 100%.

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