Track and Field II
by The Hutch

First thing's first, let's get through all the bad things. There's not many of them. Mainly, this game really isn't really a great multiplayer game. And there is also a rather challenging Olympic Mode which, if you pass the first three days, you get to do some bad ass hang gliding. This is like trying to see yourself in the mirror with your eyes closed. And with your pants on fire for some reason. While the sound was very far from your standard piano key ping and comical boing effects, it became very painful in certain places, particularly the attempt at making realistic fencing noises, which ended up sounding like a cat screeching on a dirty record played backwards and forwards at the same time. That being said, the sound on the whole was the best in any NES game I'd ever played. And to this day, the goddamned Hammer Throw event still pisses me off because I can't fucking figure it out. About half of the events were seemingly impossible; however the other half had very short learning curves and were incredibly fun.

The graphics for Track and Field II are without peers. Even looking back today, I am completely shocked at the amount of time that went into making these sprites. They were large, life-like, and animated like real bodies. And every time your athlete won an event they would often do victory dances (the pole vault one was absolutely hilarious) and if they lost or made a foul they would hang their heads in shame, which almost always looks really weird and is poorly done.

The gameplay is sort of erratic. On one hand, it's insanely simple, mash A and perhaps hit B to jump over something. Simple right? Well, for the most part, yes. However in a few events such as the horizontal bar, triple jump, canoeing and it became ridiculously tedious. But other than that you're in for a forearm workout equal to jerking off a 40 foot dick.

Overall, Track and Field is a hit and miss and home run. The game is incredibly fun and one you can definitely return to every day without getting bored. The graphics and sound were flawless at the time, and the concept was new and edgy. However, much of the game was tedious, frustrating, and pointless. If you're the type of gamer that can sit down and learn a game for several hours at a time, this is definitely the game for you. Otherwise, I cannot effectively describe the self-mutilate experience this game will be for you.


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