Tiny Toon Adventures
by Fallout

I have a thing for old ass games that were based off of cartoon shows I used to watch. Obviously thats why I grabbed this one. Tiny toons dominated a good portion of my tv time since we didn't have cable. I was deprived as a child. Anywho, walks down amensia lane aside, The show was great. And according to some people the Tiny Toons games for other systems were great. So I thought I'd try out the NES one that started it all.

The sound effects in this game are pretty unique for a NES game. The ones Ive been playing lately have shared noises and its nice to not hear the same ear splitting BEEEP everytime I fire up the ol emulator. The background music in the first few levels is a midi version of the Tiny Toons theme song. Which is the most annoying background music this side of forever. Actually, there are few NES games who DON'T have obnoxious background music. Least with Mario Brothers it was really catchy. Or it really isn't and I've just grown to like it over the thousands of years of it being drilled into my skull.

Graphics are surprisingly detailed for an NES game. Least compared to the other games I've been playing of late. Granted they're not that amazing, but they do the job. Colors are usually bright cartoonish (durp) ones, least for the outside levels. Indoor ones are your typical castle setup, spooky colors, bricks, etc. I couldn't find any real glitches with the graphics, everything seemed to do what it was supposed to pretty well. I had a couple instances where the weight lifter dog blurred out for a few frames but that was it.

Gameplay. The part of the review that you actually care about admit it. First off, this game is damn hard. Your lame ass toon dies in one hit, unless you can find the special heart item thats only appears in about 4 levels. And you end up losing it 30 seconds later anyways. You beat enemies by jumping on them, or, if you're Dizzy, you can spin into them and kill them. Your main character is Buster, but you can pick a teammate at the start of each area. You can choose from Plucky ( he can fly for about a second. Gayness.), Dizzy (he can spin and use that to beat enemies), and Furball. I dont know what Furball can do but I'm just going to assume its that he can die. Everyone has that ability actually. Theres some problems in this game, for example your character doesn't jump when you press the button or sometimes he does it too late. I don't understand why licensed games for the NES have to be so goddamn hard. Aren't they supposed to be meant for kids? Kids aren't that good at games, especially not in the age group that ones targeted at. There are multiple bosses per area, and each one has a different way of beating them. For example Elmira is the first boss you fight. You beat her by avoiding her til the exit appears. Others you have you jump on their head 3 times, you know standard practice with bosses. What really sucks about this game is if you die you start the whole level over, and if you die in a boss fight, you start the previous level over. And it SUCKS. Its a pain in the ass to get halfway through the level and theres a lot of times when you'll get a cheap death in front of the exit. The main point of this game is that it is REALLY fucking hard. I swear to God this game has caused me almost as much pain as McDonaldland. Whoever made this game is an ASSHOLE.


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