The top 158 NES Games Ever According to SnS - Part 2
by Sliders n' Socks

#125 - Rush 'n Attack
Chosen by: Serafita

Serafita - Even though it was Americanized to "DESTROY ENEMY WMDS" instead of "SAVE MIA PRISONERS", it was still pretty good.

#124 - Rampage
Chosen by: Spyda K

Spyda K - You are a giant monster who climbs on buildings, smashes windows, eats people, and generally... goes on a Rampage. I giggled every time I ate a toilet.

#123 - Marble Madness
Chosen by: Carmichael Micaalus

Carmichael Micaalus - An ancient game, but I remember it being a lot of fun. I never actually beat it without using the Game Genie, but I remember I got fairly far... up to the reversed stage. I also remember it took awhile (and a few lives), but you could actually break the steelies. Ha!

#122 - Commando
Chosen by: Roger

Roger - One of my favorite action games from the early era of gaming, complete with smoking and eating potato chips.

#121 - Balloon Fight
Chosen by: Serafita

Serafita - "LEAVE MY FUCKING BALLOON ALONE-AW FUCK SEE WHAT YOU DID?" -- Why you should probably not play two player games.

#120 - Deja Vu
Chosen by: decoy octopus

decoy octopus - Film Noir in NES form. Maybe a carbon copy of Uninvited/shadowgate as far as gameplay, still the only game I've played where you can fuck yourself quite easily and punch a fat chick over and over and beat a robber.

#119 - Dick Tracy
Chosen by: decoy octopus

decoy octopus - I got this for my birthday one year and noticed it was quite hard and required a pen and paper to do anything. But once you figured the game out where to go the game was actually quite fun and when you figured out where they hid the health kits it made the game quite easy.

#118 - Rampart
Chosen by: Roger

Roger - Building a fortress a-la Lego-style, only to get it blown up and having to do it all over again.

#117 - Faria
Chosen by: Genuine Fiber

Genuine Fiber - Top down RPG, until you hit a random encounter, which spawns a couple of baddies you fight Legend of Zelda style. One of the earliest games I remember having "cutscenes" of sorts, in that people talking to you had close up anime portraits. Most of the stuff is pretty standard, level up, upgrade weapons, get new gear...until you get to the end and your character's curse is lifted, changing you from a woman back into a man. Take that how you will.

#116 - Lunar Pool
Chosen by: Serafita

Serafita - Snooker/Pool... only weirdly hallucinogenic. FUCK YEAH DRUG TRIPPIN' SNOOKER

#115 - Wizardry: Proving Grounds of the Mad Overlord
Chosen by: Carmichael Micaalus

Carmichael Micaalus - This game had a tendency to be unforgiving, but if you were quick enough, you could save your party from death (by hitting the reset button). I remember those motherfuckers at the Temple of Cant would sometimes turn a dead character to ash... and then charge you again for another rez attempt. I bet the programmers came up with that concept after taking their car to the mechanic or something. Heh, I also recall finally getting a Thief's dagger down on the 10th floor, which would turn your thief into a ninja without having to worry about stats or alignment.

#114 - The Bard's Tale
Chosen by: Genuine Fiber

Genuine Fiber - I also loved games that infuriated you! As evidenced by Legacy of the Wizard and frequent MMOs :D. Anyway, this game was a standard dungeon crawler. Loosely based on D&D and sorta kinda in the same universe as Ultima. It was a first person RPG, something you really don't see anymore, and it took place in one town with many levels. The instruction manual came with a map...but only of the surface streets. The manual flat out told you to go get graph paper and map out the rest of it. Ahhh they don't make em like that any more! Also one of the only games on the NES with the character class generators. You know, "fighter, monk, wizard" etc.

#113 - Friday the 13th
Chosen by: decoy octopus

decoy octopus - Now wait, hear me out. You're going to think that I'm just putting this on here to say HEY I'M BEING DIFFERENT JUST TO BE NOTICED but fuck you I liked this game and until I got older the jason is in the cabin with you but where is he OH FUCK I PISSED MYSELF scared the shit out of me. This is a game that took planning to beat. Okay never let Mark or Laura or Crissy die. And here's how you beat the game. Get the pitchfork/torch. Wait for Jason to attack someone (Except the kids fuck them unless you only have 5 left) and go to them, give them weapon and leave. Switch back to attacked person, get to door go outside and light Jason up. Repeat until dead. Get bad ending feel bad for playing an LJN game.

#112 - Ultima - Exodus
Chosen by: Carmichael Micaalus

Carmichael Micaalus - This was one of those games where I never really had that much of a clue as to what I was actually supposed to be doing most of the time, but it was still fun to play. The way you could make your own party and stuff was awesome. The dungeons were kind of a pain in the ass, but I usually lucked out on how to get to the spot to brand the tattoos onto your dudes.

#111 - Star Soldier
Chosen by: Rhete

Rhete - A really good shoot em up!

#110 - R.C. Pro-Am II
Chosen by: wolf99x

wolf99x - Take the original and add crazy customization options. Arming an RC car with a laser cannon might seem excessive but given the absurd rubber-band AI in this game (seriously, they get to go to ludicrous speed) you'll be glad for it.

#109 - The Magic of Scheherazade
Chosen by: Rhete

Rhete - Everyone has their favorite Zelda clone, this was mine.

#108 - Gradius II
Chosen by: Spyda K

Spyda K - SPEED UP! Gradius will probably always be my favorite Shump series ever.

#107 - Bases Loaded
Chosen by: ignorent spine

ignorent spine - Personally I have and always will hate sports simulations, but I have so many fond memory's of the spectacle my friend would make whenever he kicked my ass I couldn't help but put it on the list.

#106 - Major League Baseball
Chosen by: decoy octopus

decoy octopus - While Bases Loaded, Baseball Stars, Bad News bears and pretty much every other baseball game crushed this in terms of gameplay this is the one I owned because my parents hated me. The only baseball game I've played where I can hit a home run by hitting the fence and a baseball has pinball esque abilities.

#105 - Base Wars
Chosen by: wolf99x

wolf99x - In the future, we will use military robots to play baseball, and demand they beat the crap out of each other rather than apply tags.

#104 - Baseball Stars
Chosen by: Polly

Polly - So easy to pick up, play, and enjoy, yet sadly underrated. Me and a friend played through an entire season one summer, bouncing the cart back and forth every few nights, building up our respective teams and finally having a championship match in the fall.

#103 - Castlevania II: Simon's Quest
Chosen by: BionicCommando83

BionicCommando83 - This game's been fairly maligned of late, but back in the day, it was epic. You had a day/night cycle, towns and mansions to explore, and an actual sense of horror and dread that accompanied this game due to enemies and towns getting far more threatening at night and costing you any safe haven you might have. Top quality music, possibly the best on the system, classic Castlevania gameplay, and an open world to explore makes this the break out Castlevania of the system.

#102 - Moon Crystal
Chosen by: FreezingInferno

FreezingInferno - If Ninja Gaiden had a little bit of Metal Storm's pretty animation thrown in it, along with some anime influence, the product would be Moon Crystal.

#101 - Shadow of the Ninja
Chosen by: Serafita

Serafita - Ninja action against exploding enemies... oh wait, exploding enemies are like in every game ever. Still fun though.

#100 - TwinBee
Chosen by: Serafita

Serafita - Cartoony shooter using a ship with GIANT HANDS to throw bombs onto enemies.

#99 - Mission - Impossible
Chosen by: decoy octopus

decoy octopus - What an apt name. Ass rapingly hard but really varied gameplay where you control a black guy who can run fast but can't shoot guns, a white guy who can hide his identity and throws a boomerang but moves slow as shit and a heavy armour guy who can shoot guns and set C4 who moves even slower. What good choices. After boat races, hard switch puzzles, and skiing you end up at the last boss and play a game of...tic tac toe.

#98 - Bump 'n' Jump
Chosen by: Rhete

Rhete - Something about a car that jumps amuses me greatly. That and ramming enemy cars off the road. This game might have the most literal title ever.

#97 - Magician
Chosen by: Genuine Fiber

Genuine Fiber - I can almost guarantee you've never played this game. The only reason I even know of it was because my friend's uncle, who was a premiere neckbeard of the early 90s, had it. I love this game. Because it is HARD. Not hard. H. A. DOUBLEYOU. R. D. Unforgivingly so. You can starve to death, die of thirst, if you miss an important spell, forget it, you're done. It took me two years to beat it. BUT IT WAS SO SATISFYING. Maybe it's because I was little, or maybe it's because I miss when games that you couldn't beat were a real concept, but this one is a personal fave.

#96 - Bucky O'Hare
Chosen by: BionicCommando83

BionicCommando83 - This game is hateful. I cannot emphasize that enough. The first level makes it clear when you finally reach the boss, and he kills you in one blow by tossing a boulder that takes up almost a quarter of the screen atop you. Despite the many, many lethal parts of the game, its generous with its continues and respawn points, and has some very fast and amazing action sets. This game takes everything great about having multiple characters in a platformer a la Castlevania III and makes it better here, concluding with a fun, but brutally hard shooting level.

#95 - Smash T.V.
Chosen by: wolf99x

wolf99x - True story, I actually did buy this for a dollar.

#94 - Tecmo Super Bowl
Chosen by: Polly

Polly - Not to be confused with Tecmo Bowl, which folks seem to do a lot. I can't tell you how many seasons I've racked up on this damn game over the years and how many neck-and-neck close games I've had with my dad and other friends. 16 and 32-bit updates be damned, I've always enjoyed this one way more. I always loved its cinematic intro and cutscenes used during games, and the simplicity of its gameplay coupled with oodles of stat-tracking were simply awesome for its time. I don't even like real football and I love this game.

#93 - North & South
Chosen by: decoy octopus

decoy octopus - I had so much fun with this little game. Made my cohorts so angry by just camping the train and knifing or punching them over and over till they ran out of time while trying to rob me. GO SOUTH also you could pinch a guy's butt.

#92 - Conquest of the Crystal Palace
Chosen by: Carmichael Micaalus

Carmichael Micaalus - Another one that was freakin' sweet. Granted, it's pretty much your standard side-scroller, but it has a few extra things, such as choosing which power you want to give a boost at the beginning of the game, and shopkeeps that are scattered about. The funny thing with the shopkeeps is they'll react to you either spending a crapload of money, or continually trying to buy something you can't afford. Also, you have an armoured dog you can call upon.

#91 - Platoon
Chosen by: decoy octopus

decoy octopus - I like hard shitty games. This one was incredible and unfair and I only got to the nighttime ambush before I lost. I only recently beat it with the help of save states and even then it was a slog.

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