The top 158 NES Games Ever According to SnS - Part 3
by Sliders n' Socks

#90 - Wrath of the Black Manta
Chosen by: Vanor Orion

Vanor Orion - First off, no, this is not an biography about Steven Irwin. This wasn't a particularly great game about a ninja rescuing kidnapped children, and I guess it was a rip-off of Ninja Gaiden (a game I've never played), but seriously, the game is called Wrath of the Black Manta. It almost sounds like a fucking blaxploitation movie involving ninjas. How could you not play it?

#89 - Ultimate Air Combat
Chosen by: wolf99x

wolf99x - Nobody really has heard of this game, but imagine if you will Top-Gun only more awesome and without the bullshit difficulty curve that comes with trying to land. Imagine if you will a surprisingly well-done 3D experience and isometric graphics clearly defined even for 8-bit. Now make all of that explode. That is Ultimate Air Combat.

#88 - Lifeforce
Chosen by: Rhete

Rhete - The first shooter I ever played. I was absolutely horrible at it for a while, but that was half the fun. The final boss was pure evil as well, if you don't win in time, he sends you back two stages.

#87 - Jackie Chan Action Kung Fu
Chosen by: Serafita

Serafita - For an anime-style deformed character, it plays pretty well with nice music. Oh what the fuck IT'S JACKIE CHAN!

#86 - Remote Control
Chosen by: decoy octopus

decoy octopus - A trivia game based around TV knowledge which at the time I was king of, and even though the bonus round was broken (Hit direction + b = win) it still was more fun than it had any right to be.

#85 - Archon
Chosen by: Carmichael Micaalus

Carmichael Micaalus - It's... pretty much a badass version of Chess. Except you have to beat the crap out of the opposing piece when you try to take it. Also, the colour of the tile you're on when you enter combat will affect your health and the enemies' as well. All in all, it was pretty neat.

#84 - Clash at Demonhead
Chosen by: Genuine Fiber

Genuine Fiber - Quirky platformer. Features the silliest enemies this side of Silhouette Mirage, and some extremely hair pulling boss fights. Not to mention it has a great soundtrack, if you're into that kind of thing.

#83 - Deadly Towers
Chosen by: RaiRaiRai

RaiRaiRai - Probably the one game that got me into games as a whole, I remember in particular those black windows, and just wanting to walk up and peer through them. I'm sure it's also probably the cause of why I'm aroused by pain.

#82 - Skate or Die 2
Chosen by: decoy octopus

decoy octopus - A lot different than Skate or Die 1, this one is just a 2D platformer where you go around collect items and do various simple chores to advance. There was a kick ass skate park in it to mess around with and the theme song will get stuck in your head SKATE OR DIE. SKATE SKATE SKATE OR DIE DIE DIE DIE DIE

#81 - Tecmo World Wrestling
Chosen by: Serafita

Serafita - Characters are obviously copies of certain real life people, but even so, a wrestling game which is fluid, with a COMMENTATOR who SPAZZES OUT WHEN YOU DO SIGNATURE MOVES which has ACTION REPLAYS with CLOSE UP ACTION. JESUS CHRIST that is some advance gaming feature. Also awesome music.

#80 - Stinger
Chosen by: Rhete

Rhete - Known as Twinbee 2 in Japan, and the only Twinbee game to ever come out in America, this is a fairly simple shooter that I love entirely because of the awesome music in the final stage.

#79 - Arch Rivals
Chosen by: ignorent spine

ignorent spine - Me and my friend would spend hours playing this game, mostly just to smack the taste out of each others mouthes. Thanks to wanton (for its day) physical violence, Arch Rivals will always be the best basket ball game in my book.

#78 - Sweet Home
Chosen by: decoy octopus

decoy octopus - A game that started (or built the foundation) for the survival horror genre it's based off an equally odd movie. It's an RPG with a lot of teamwork and multiple endings based on who survives. I'd say try it out if you get the chance.

#77 - Dig Dug
Chosen by: Roger

Roger - Honestly, I can't explain my enjoyment of this game. I just know I played and still play this game like crazy.

#76 - The Legend of Kage
Chosen by: Serafita

Serafita - Awesome ninja combat where you play as a ninja (who surprisingly is not dressed like a stereotypical ninja) armed with shuriken and twin knives, which you can take down opponents with, or if your reflexes are quick enough, to parry basic enemy attacks! The theme tune never got out of my head.

#75 - Top Gun
Chosen by: Vanor Orion

Vanor Orion - Everything that kicks ass about flying around and blowing up fighter jets without the homoerotic overtones (or is it undertones?).

#74 - The Battle of Olympus
Chosen by: Genuine Fiber

Genuine Fiber - Essentially a copy / paste of Zelda II but done way better. More varied locations and no pointless leveling up, plus a dynamic endgame that has you descending into Tartarus to take on Hades. The only downside to this game is it's GOD DAMNED TWENTY SIX CHARACTER PASSWORDS THAT USED UPPER AND LOWER CASE LETTERS, NUMBERS, AND SYMBOLS. Can't tell you how many times I'd get super far in it and then come back later to find out I'd copied a character wrong.

#73 - Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Chosen by: decoy octopus

decoy octopus - I don't care what you say, I still enjoy this game and hope to one day defeat shredder to get the what I am assured is a lame ass ending that will enrage me.

#72 - Twin Cobra
Chosen by: Vanor Orion

Vanor Orion - I usually don't care much for shmups, but god damn I could never put the controller down on this one, no matter how much my puny Huey got obliterated by overwhelming torrents of gunfire from super fortresses, super battleships, and wave after wave of unrelenting enemies of death and mayhem. The music rocked hard and the power-ups turned your puny little helicopter into a fucking death machine that almost made the game manageable.

#71 - Little Samson
Chosen by: Miller

Miller - Not perfect at all but it's fast-paced, varied and challenging. Also, nobody seems to remember that it exists so I tend to give it more praise than it probably deserves, but truth is it's the only NES-game I play regularly these days.

#70 - The 3-D Battles of WorldRunner
Chosen by: Rhete

Rhete - Even though this game can be sort of seen as a ripoff of space harrier, it really isn't. Space Harrier lets you fly the entire game, while this game places you on foot except for the boss fights, where you must jump over huge gaps, avoid enemies, and bounce on pipes and springs. If anything this game is much closer to a 3d version of Super Mario Bros! Overall WorldRunner is just a ton of simple fun as you dash through absolutely bizarre alien worlds, which as a kid I loved to draw my own versions of, making it by far my most fondly remembered NES game.

#69 - Mega Man 4
Chosen by: Vanor Orion

Vanor Orion - This was my favorite Mega Man and my favorite NES game for a multitude of reasons: The bosses were still unique, and their levels were really creative and fun to play, and unlike the previous games, you could replay their stages after they were defeated, which gave the game more replay value and made it a bit easier for collecting power ups. Dr. Cossack was the villain, until you learn that Dr. Wily was the real bad guy (this was before this plot-twist mechanic got whored out in the future Mega Man games). Finally, this sequel didn't feel like it was too long (unlike MM3) and for all the gameplay elements it introduced, new and old, it all just came together to create one of the most all-around kick-ass games for the NES that I've ever played.

#68 - Princess Tomato in the Salad Kingdom
Chosen by: Genuine Fiber, Pitchfork

Genuine Fiber - I LIKE THESE ADVENTURE GAMES. THIS ONE IS BETTER THAN SHADOWGATE AND UNINVITED. If you like deadly games of rock paper scissors with mutant farmers and making sweet cucumber love to a tomato, this is the game for you. Also, you damn kids, in the days before the internet you had to ask for embarrassing games in person. I'd like to track down those fuckers who laughed me out of Funcoland, they saw right through my "it's for my sister" ruse...

Pitchfork - Sir Cucumber and his persimmon sidekick get hauled off to jail by Sergeant Pepper, then battle Minister Pumpkin's army of robot vegetable pickers by challenging to them to games of rock paper scissors. And to think people single out Super Mario Bros. as being the most blatantly drug-inspired NES game.

#67 - Mafat Conspiracy: Golgo 13
Chosen by: wolf99x, Roger

wolf99x - Ok ok ok, yes this game is hard as hell and yes that's because it's confusing, but it's hard to argue with the theme music and the gameplay which is pretty fluid.

Roger - Everyone loves being a spy/secret agent trying to stop a madman's domination quest. And who could forget the rather adult themes that kids were introduced to?

#66 - Rygar
Chosen by: Genuine Fiber, BionicCommando83

Genuine Fiber - Oft overlooked and forgotten. A platformer that was hard, but not Nintendo hard. I actually beat this one without overmuch difficulty. Featured upgradeable items and new equipment that granted abilities, and even backtracking to previous levels. Even had a few top down sections that were pretty fun. Avoid the PS2 remake though, seriously.

BionicCommando83 - Another adventure game, stemming from an overworld hub. The game requires collecting a series of weapons to assemble the necessary tools to infiltrate the big bad's floating castle (and reaching it, even as early as you can in the game, is a rather impressive moment). The game has a leveling system to scale the challenge- though it can make it somewhat grindy if you charge into an area you're not supposed to- or need to and you're underleveled. Still, smooth controls, fast combat, and some tough platforming make for an excellent game.

#65 - City Connection
Chosen by: Serafita, Rhete

Serafita - The perfect game for mellowing out with. EXCEPT FOR THAT DUMB CAT HOLY SHIT GET OFF THE ROAD

Rhete - One of the earliest NES games I can remember playing that isn't Mario or Duck Hunt. This is just a weird little game, you drive around and paint roads white while the cops chase after you.

#64 - R.C. Pro-Am
Chosen by: FreezingInferno, Carmichael Micaalus

FreezingInferno - Probably the best racing game on the NES, even if the yellow car is a cheating fuck.

Carmichael Micaalus - Another one my brother played a lot. It was a couple of years before I gave this one a serious try because the controls were real touchy (to me), but I remember it was actually kinda fun once you got the hang of it... and it was also fun to shoot the other cars with missiles, heh.

#63 - Legacy of the Wizard
Chosen by: Genuine Fiber, decoy octopus

Genuine Fiber - GOD. I contend this game is impossible to finish without a walkthrough. Basically you have to navigate this maze with five different characters, all with different abilities and certain parts of the maze tailored to said abilities...except the game never gives you hints as to who you're supposed to use where, and no objectives other than "slay the evil dragon."...who can only be hurt by the most worthless character. Despite all that I put a ton of time into playing it, eventually finishing it on an emulator. Now if I could go back in time and be on a winning pee wee basketball team I would have zero regrets about my childhood.

decoy octopus - Probably the most amazing music I've heard in a video game it was the only clue you had to beating the game as the dungeon had 4 parts (1 for each member of the family minus Roas who's only purpose was to suck and kill the dragon. One game I will never beat but I can still hear the music in my head.

#62 - Pro Wrestling
Chosen by: wolf99x, Roger

Roger - Wrestling at its finest. Much better than the wrestling with two oiled up guys rolling around on the floor together in their underwear on TV.

wolf99x - Yes Starman, a winner is indeed you.

#61 - Air Fortress
Chosen by: decoy octopus, Rhete

decoy octopus - A game where you're blowing up fortresses for really no reason (I'm sure there's one in the instructions but who reads those) and then running away before you can get taken with it. Highly enjoyable.

Rhete - This game starts off as a cute little shooter, then becomes a cute little platformer, then you have to escape the fortress before it explodes and it is tense as hell. Oddly atmospheric for an NES game, and hard as hell.

#60 - Casino Kid
Chosen by: decoy octopus, Roger

decoy octopus - A game I played quite a bit even though I didn't understand all the rules of gambling. I honestly could only sweep out the blackjack players (Get 21 Okay I can do that) and then get wrecked most of the time by the poker player. I never fought the last guy :(

Roger - Again, another game probably boring to most kids, but I was always pretty lucky with cards somehow.

#59 - Tecmo Bowl
Chosen by: Genuine Fiber, Roger

Genuine Fiber - All I have to say about this game, aside that it's still my favorite sports title, is that if you play as the Raiders you are a cheap bitch.

Roger - An unlicensed NFL game, but the gameplay and the character interactions were just too awesome to not like.

#58 - Nintendo World Cup
Chosen by: Pitchfork, Serafita

Pitchfork - I still consider this the best sports video game ever made. It even convinced me to try playing after school soccer as a kid. Boy was I disappointed when I found out shoulder-checking people was frowned upon.

Serafita - A Kunio-Kun football game (FOOTBALL, FUCKERS), but with Nintendo licensing, so to the western world, it looks like they made it. Crazyass supershots, and the fact you can pummel the opposite team so much THEY GO UNCONSCIOUS AND DON'T WAKE UP. HOLY FUCK, IT'S JUST LIKE REAL FOOTBALL (if the crazy hooligan fans were actually playing instead of the professional players).

#57 - Xexyz
Chosen by: Genuine Fiber, Rhete

Genuine Fiber - Action platformer? Action RPG? Upgradeable weapons and items? Every other level has a boss area that's a space shooter and it's as well implemented as the platform sections? Scary monster Buddhas? Play this game and I'll stop with the leading questions?

Rhete - Considering how obtuse and hard to figure out a lot of NES adventure games were, this one is fairly straight forward once you get the hang of it. Plus it has shoot em up areas!

#56 - Kung Fu
Chosen by: Genuine Fiber, Serafita


Serafita - Even today, I still have the urge to jumpkick some random stranger in the street the moment he approaches with his hands raised.

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