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Forum rules

Upon registering, you will be put into the "Intake" user group. You'll be able to read the entire forum but not able to post. An admin will validate your account soon after registering, and if you find you haven't been properly moved yet, please email

Sliders 'n Socks is a fairly laid-back and easygoing community, however there are a few rules we'd like you to abide by.

1. Absolutely no discrimination whatsoever.
Discrimination of any kind against any other user will result in a permanent ban, no questions asked, and no warnings.

2. Do not post NSFW/18+ imagery.
Scantly clad is probably okay, but if you MUST share lewd, please do so via other means. A lot of people read this site at work.

3. No links to illegal downloads of copyrighted material.
This is a no-brainer, honestly.

4. If you have a problem with someone, just ignore them.
Look, we get it. You might not get along with everyone all the time, and that's fine. Just don't go bringing your drama about it onto the forums, because odds are, none of us care, so just ignore them and move on.

5. Disagreement with Moderator/Administrative decisions.
Do you think myself or another admin got a call wrong? PM or email ( me about it. There's no point in cluttering up the forums with drama/administrative disagreements.

Rules to be expanded or elaborated upon further if need be.


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