Sockscast Episode 50
July 17th, 2016
Run Time: 4:00:50

Well, who'd have thought we'd have made it this far? Our first big milestone! Episode 50! And to celebrate, we're...kinda just doing things the way we normally do around here.

Up first, John's playing Pokemon Go because of course he is, Rhete's playing Shadows of Mordor and finally discovering "his thing," and Polly has zero time to solve this dilemma.

After the news and your Twitter questions, we have ourselves a bit of a spoilercast for the Japanese Cartoon Shinsekai Yori in the second half of the show, but don't worry, there's a warning and timestamps to help you skip that if you'd like.

And finally, the episode wraps up with a nearly 30-minute (though not in any way thorough or comprehensive) clip show of some of our favorite moments over the course of the show's first 50 episodes! Talk about jam packed! We earned that four-hour mark this time! (Shinsekai Yori Spoilercast Timestamps: 2:37:34 - 3:30:43)

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