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Sockscast Game of the Year 2020 Day Two!
December 25th, 2020
Run Time: 3:00:13

Did you know that only 1% of each of your farts is the part that actually smells? It's true! What I mean, of course, is that it's time to unveil your Sockspals' top five games of 2020 along with the back half of our truckload of listener contributed lists! So, get that cocoa ready, get yourself a nice warm blanket, and let us regale you with the absolute best this year in gaming had to offer!

Taylor and Polly's Top 10 Albums of 2020 Day Two!
December 24th, 2020
Run Time: 1:19:48

And the great tunes just keep on-a-comin' as Polly and Taylor round out 2020 with the top five albums released in 2020. Spoilers: WE ARE CHAOS is not among them! Surprising, I know...

Sockscast Game of the Year 2020 Day One!
December 23rd, 2020
Run Time: 2:07:02

This year may have been full of trials and overwhelming anxiety, but if one thing's for certain, it's that videogames were there to help take up a bit of the load when we all needed them the most, and it's with maybe even a little more zeal than usual that we present to you day one of our Game of the Year extravaganza for 2020! Today we're talking entries 10 through 6, and if that wasn't exciting enough, this year brings us our HUGEST pile of listener lists for Game of the Year ever, so sit right back, kick up your feet, and turn the sound up high. And if you want the full effects go eat a pizza pie!

Taylor and Polly's Top 10 Albums of 2020 Day One!
December 22nd, 2020
Run Time: 1:32:32

And here we are once again at the end of the year with your good pals Taylor and Polly (who possess ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC taste in music) to help kick off the SMPS end of the year festivities! We might still be recovering from the back half of that whole God is in the Podcast thing, but that doesn't mean music in 2020 didn't come to help bail us out of that muck. Today, we'll be going over our Album of the Year lists' entries 10 through 6!

Sockscast Episode 128
December 7th, 2020
Run Time: 3:00:16

The final regularly scheduled podcast before our end of the year festivities has you covered if you're in need of a nice big fat three-hour diversion from all the holiday stuff that may be going on near you. Polly has reached the end of not one, but TWO incredible journies, Rhete gone into Overdrive mode with a glut of games and anime to talk about, and two years of excitement flowed endlessly from John into the podcast.

Sockscast Episode 127
November 16th, 2020
Run Time: 2:22:00

This that new Sockscast flavor you ABSOLUTELY GOTTA HEAR! In this episode, Polly's taking to the skies of the post-World War III future, Rhete's Japanese Mafia Man With A Heart adventures continue, and John's gonna take us on a crash course into the world of Rance, which probably isn't suitable for all audiences! Listener discrection is advised.

Sockscast Episode 126
November 2nd, 2020
Run Time: 2:07:38

The latest Sockscast sneaks in just before election time (SO GO VOTE, DANGIT) and we've got a whole lotta visual novel love going around as John wraps up Higurashi and Planetarian, Rhete's bending the hell out of our minds in Manifold Garden, and Polly....well Polly was up to some stuff, lemme tell ya what.

Sockscast Episode 125
October 19th, 2020
Run Time: 2:39:11

The Sockscast is back at like a crack addict with another fresh dose of podcasting goodness for your earholes! In this episode John's vampire slaying and curse killing antics continue, Rhete rediscovers the magic of floating through the galaxy, and Polly shifting her way through time to fight kaiju!

Higurashi Answer Arcs Speculation/Spoilercast Part 1!
October 3rd, 2020
Run Time: 4:04:47

"It's just two arcs," Polly foolishly said to herself. "This one'll be shorter than the first one." Well, despite the fact that we're only talking Meakashi-hen and Tsumihoroboshi-hen this episode, we ended up an hour longer than last time! Sayara, Rayven, and Jetstorm4 join Polly once more to tear into the guts of the Hinamizawa mystery before all are revealed by the final two arcs.

Sockscast Episode 124
September 28th, 2020
Run Time: 2:58:40

The coming of autumn in the states also brings tidings of a fresh and breezy new episode of the Sockscast! On this episode, Rhete's goin' deeper than he's ever gone before, Polly's finally playing the Rena game, and John's back on the Symphogear wagon, but he also brought his own special segment of the podcast to share with all of us!

Sockscast Episode 123
September 14th, 2020
Run Time: 2:12:24

It's hard to believe we crammed so much stuff into this episode given that it's barely over two hours, but we did and it's all here for you! This time, John has gone on an absolute tear of games and he's giving us the best of them, Rhete's managing idols and saving the world at the exact same time, and it'll be hard to find a game more metal than the game Polly's brought to the party!

Sockscast Episode 122
August 30th, 2020
Run Time: 2:30:12

It's 2020. That's about all we can really say about this episode of the Sockscast! This time around, Rhete ACTUALLY DID NOT WATCH ANY ANIME (yes, I am still VERY SHOCKED), but he did find some time for the Xenoblade 2 expansion, Polly's gone completely off the deep end and we're not even sure what the hell's up with the things she's doing, and John embarked on and finished a three-year quest in a month!

Sockscast Episode 121
August 17th, 2020
Run Time: 2:18:58

Get in, loser, we're goin' on another Sockscast adventure! In this freewheeling episode, Rhete continues to consume dangerous amounts of anime, ant at some point we're sure we're gonna need him to talk to someone about it, John's going ABSOLUTELY bananas on an adventure out in the country, and Polly's once again on the hunt.

Higurashi Question Arcs Speculation/Spoilercast!
August 13th, 2020
Run Time: 3:10:54

Polly is joined by longtime Sockspal RayvenTheGM, elf girl connoisseur Jetstorm4, and Sockscast Art Maestro Sayara to pull out a big ol billhook cleaver and dissect the first four arcs of the Higurashi no Naku Koro ni visual novel series! Though the opening arcs leave us with more questions than answers, it's sure to be a bloody good time!

SnS on the 2010s: Top Games of the Decade FINALE!
July 27th, 2020
Run Time: 6:14:39 certainly took us long enough, but I think we made up it with this mammoth of an episode! We spend just over six hours revealing, celebrating, and discussing the top 99 games of the decade as voted by the Sliders n Socks forums and Socksmakepeoplesexy.Net community. You'll laugh, you'll hurl, you'll cry, but you'll also hopefully discover some new favorites of your own to love as well!

Polly Interviews International Cosplayer Trickssi
July 22nd, 2020
Run Time: 2:57:52

Technical Note: A recent Windows Update borked Polly's sound drivers entirely, resulting in her mic's audio being a bit blown out during this episode. Her audio has been salvaged as best a possible and our guest's audio is 100% fine. Apologies to both our listeners and Trickssi.

We got a very special and big ol chunky one-on-one episode of The Sockscast for ya today as Polly welcomes international cosplayer, formal ball hostess, and owner of the Cosplayer Survivor Support Network, Trickssi. In this almost three hours of complecte awesomeness they cover everything from a whole slew of facets relating to cosplay to the responsibilities conventions should take to keep their attendees safe and so, so, soooooo much more! This interview/chat was an absolute delight and we hope you enjoy it as well.

SPOILER WARNING FOR AI: The Somnium Files: From around 2:18-2:25 we delve a bit spoilers for the late-game, so a word of warning ahead of time about that.

Sockscast Episode 120
July 20th, 2020
Run Time: 2:45:02

Hey you! It's been a while! Sorry we didn't stop by more often but we were busy being responsible and making sure the podcast feed remained virus-free! You understand, right? Anyway, we're back and swinging harder than ever as Polly returns to the world of Fata Morgana, Rhete finally lands himself a job defending all of Crossbell, and John just....really ends this episode on a fucking note, lemme tell ya, holy shit...

Sockscast Episode 119
June 21st, 2020
Run Time: 2:05:58

Summer finally finds us and it's actually starting to feel like it, so crack out your favorite cold beverage and get yourself comfy. This time on the show, John's got an to scratch and he's got a selection of games that might work for that, Rhete's Wonderful 101 journey ends on an unexpected note, and Polly might just believe in the song in her heart.

Sockscast Episode 118
June 8th, 2020
Run Time: 2:50:52

We take ourselves away from a little bit of the world's crazy for a bit for another installment of The Sockscast! This time around Polly's headed back to an old familiar village, Rhete's the 101st wonderfulest person in the world, and John's puttin' numbers in boxes where they belong!

Sockscast Episode 117
May 25th, 2020
Run Time: 2:20:17

Your Sockspals are keepin' it both easy and breezy as the summer begins to heat things up! This time around, Polly's bringin' Beepner along to take it to the streets after some time with some sexy demon ladies between the sheets, Rhete's Celcetan adventure might just cure his amnesia, and John's here to help you tidy up your messy, unkempt life.

Sockscast Episode 116
May 11th, 2020
Run Time: 2:38:48

It's time once again to have a nice, chill hang sesh with your pals at The Sockscast, where this time around Rhete's enlisted in the Chimera Squad to put a hurtin' on some alien slimeballs, John's emerged victorious in his Jedi adventures and is positively brimming with excitement, and Polly's fed up with the future and decided to ride the Lifestream back to 1997.

Sockscast Episode 115
April 20th, 2020
Run Time: 2:50:31

HAPPY FOUR-TWENTY from your pals at The Sockscast! We certainly hope you're enjoying the day in the most relaxing way you can (whatever way that may be!) while we serve up our latest batch of hot Sockscast content with Rhete returning to Midgar after a 23 year vacation from the ol place, Polly's out here hunting all the dinosaurs, and John's Tales of Vesperia journey finally comes to a satisfying end.

Sockscast Episode 114
April 6th, 2020
Run Time: 3:47:10

Socks pal and game creator Jetstorm4 joins your pals at Sockscast Quarantine Central to hash out the last couple weeks of comings and goings. John's decided to strap on some boxing gloves and take on the entirety of the WVBA even if it kills him, Polly's only got OneShot to save the world, Rhete's not giving up until he sees the end of the Impossible Lair, and Thom decided to play a game whose name currently describes all our situations, Forever Home!

Be sure to stick around for the end of the episode where Jetstorm4 gives us a bit of a post-mortem on the creation of his latest release, Silus!

Sockscast Episode 113
March 23rd, 2020
Run Time: 1:59:52

Live from Quarantine HQ in Sockscastville, it's your good pals at the Sockscast with a new episode to help maybe take away a bit of the ol' quarantine blues! This time, John's been swept away by a changing of seasons to the land of Holodrum, Rhete's all of a sudden become the internet police (so hide dem porn folders), and Polly's out here bustin' ghosts!

Sockscast Anime of the Decade Day Two!
March 17th, 2020
Run Time: 2:21:57

Guys, it's okay. I think we're finally out of the "everyone's having FEEEEEEEEEELS talking about their favorite Japanese Cartoons" woods. Or are we? Find out in today's shocking conclusion to the Sockscast Anime of the Decade also featuring more listener lists!

Sockscast Anime of the Decade Day One!
March 16th, 2020
Run Time: 1:23:38

Here it is, the special Rhete's been training the last ten years for! It's time to finally reveal our top ten favorite anime that aired from 2010-2019, and today covers entries 10 through 6! We've also got some listener lists as well, so there's definitely not gonna be a shortage of entertainment worth checking out for you if you happen to uhh...need yourself...for a while.....

Sockscast Episode 112
March 2nd, 2020
Run Time: 2:46:50

We got you all sorted with a hot new episode of The Sockscast! This time around, John's indulging in a Suikoden visual novel, but it's apparently got a cute vampire girl that's tired, so we think it's rad, Rhete's Fire Emblem journey comes end of some sort, and Polly's exploring the remnants of a dead civilization and doesn't mind staying because she likes what they've done with the place. There's also a weird air or revisiting the past this episode that was completely unplanned!

Sockscast Episode 111
February 10th, 2020
Run Time: 3:22:51

Ohhhhh yeah, baby, the three-hour Sockscast train is back on the tracks, so get yourself comfy and ready to enjoy! In today's episode, John's shmup journeys take him deeper into Konami territory, Polly experiences the end of the world through two of the cutest little anime girls you ever did see, and Rhete's going to take us on a strategy game journey, the likes of which we weren't sure we were ready for!

Sockscast Episode 110
January 20th, 2020
Run Time: 2:32:07

Winter has officially hit Pollyland, at least for a few days, so this episode Polly decided to get a little snug with an anime all about being left out in the cold, and although he's trapped in Perpetual Anime Watching Land right now, Rhete's giving us his sloppy ol' leftovers from four months ago with a unique and comedic VR experience, and something is positively draining all the Life Force right out of John Thyer! What ever could it be?

Sockscast Episode 109
January 6th, 2020
Run Time: 2:09:42

And thus, did the Sockscast say, "Yes, it can finally be 2020," as we're back providing that good, good podcasting content to kick off another hot 366 of consuming media and meeting every couple weeks or so to talk about it!

We get things started off with John taking us on a journey into the world of western-developed RPGs, Polly's taking a trip to River City to rescue her boyfriend, and Rhete's gotta solve the mystery of how 60 people died!

Taylor and Polly's Top 10 Albums of 2019 Day Two!
January 5th, 2020
Run Time: 2:09:26

We ain't playin' now. It's the real deal as Polly and Taylor break down the top five albums released in 2019 and show a little love to a few that maybe didn't make the list!

Taylor and Polly's Top 10 Albums of 2019 Day One!
January 4th, 2020
Run Time: 1:30:47

Better late than never, yeah? Even though we missed the holiday festivities this year due to illness and searing awful mouth pain, that doesn't mean 2019 wasn't a year worth talking about music-wise, and that's why Taylor and Polly got ya covered once again, breaking down their top ten releases starting with entries ten to five today!

All album artworks (unless otherwise noted) created by Sayara
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