LoTR_Dan's Top 25 Games of All Time
by LoTR_Dan

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25.) Myst

Myst is great. There was almost nothing like it when it came out. The ultimate in "Figure it out yourself BITCH" gaming. But there was something so damn compelling about exploring that empty island as you try to put the clues together. The puzzles were all fun, some a bit odd but none so hard that they made no sense. While this game has spawned quite a few similar adventure games that are just awful, including it's own sequels, there is something profoundly awesome about the sense of mystery and discovery when you start exploring that island.

24.) TIE Fighter

Like most nerds, I love Star Wars. I also love video games. One would think that the two would go hand in hand, but unfortunately, while there are a lot of Star Wars games, there are very few good ones. But TIE Fighter is amazing. It is one of the best space combat sims ever made. The controls are simple enough, move the joystick to steer, speed up and slow down, trigger to attack. It's no Microsoft Flight sim, but it's detailed enough to make it feel like you really are piloting a spaceship. The action is tense; the atmosphere is amazing, pretty much this game is quality through and through.

23.) Wario's Woods

Ever since Tetris, there have been 80 billion falling block puzzle games. While some people are addicted to Tetris while others swear by Dr. Mario and stuff like that. But for me, there is only one puzzle game. And it's Wario's Woods. It's simple, you line up monsters and bombs and make them explode. Clear them all and you win. But instead of controlling things as they fall, you play as toad, who runs around inside moving the falling stuff around. That alone is a fun enough twist. But add into the an awesome vs. mode, both against the computer and a friend, tons of levels, and the incredibly fast pace it forces you to play at, well, you gotta wonder why nobody else has tried to rip this game off more.

22.) Hitman: Blood Money

The Hitman Series is a hell of a lot of fun. There is something just so incredibly cool about the idea of being a Hitman. But poor 47 took a while to actually get a game good enough to live up to the premise. The first one was awful, the 2nd one was too hard and the 3rd one was too easy and not new enough. But Blood Money, holy crap. This game is what the series was meant to be the whole time. Complex Levels. Great atmosphere. Tons of ways to kill people. Head butts. Heck, you even get to break into The White House and kill The Vice-President. If you don't think that's one of the coolest levels ever, just stop playing Video Games.

21.) System Shock 2

SHODAN is the best video game villain ever. She's a computer system gone mad with delusions of godhood. Utterly amoral and arrogant beyond all measure. But the best thing about her is that she is always with you. Always. Living in the computer system, she sees you, berates you, taunts you and more as you travel around the big spaceship the game takes place in. Her voice is incredibly creepy, like nothing else I've ever heard. But in System Shock 2, SHODAN is no longer in control. You and SHODAN form a sort of insane buddy cop relationship as you work together to take back the ship from her mad creations. (Spoiler Alert: She eventually betrays you. Surprise, Surprise) Of course all of this talk about SHODAN and I'm not even talking about the game. It's a FPS/RPG that is incredibly atmospheric. While the graphics aren't incredible, the real star of the show is the audio. Not only SHODAN's voice, but the voice of the numerous monsters and audio logs are all spot on. All of this, plus the limited ammo and medical supplies create an atmosphere of desperation and dread that has to be played to believe.

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