E.V.O.: The Search for Eden
by Vicraf

Well readers, come here I'm going to talk you about a great game of the legendary SNES today you will learn (no matter if you don't want) about a 16-bit masterpiece: "E.V.O.: Search for Eden". Before we jump on the vortex of the memories I want to put something clear, EVO has no relation with this guy.

If you clicked here because you want to know about this guy, close the window right now.

Well guys its show time, EVO is a really interesting game, basically is a side scrolling 2-d adventure (some guys say this is an action game but I don't agree). Yes, I know what you are thinking. "Man I have seen tons of 2-d adventures, what make this game more worthy of my money than the others?" Well Mr. Sassy, the difference is that in this game you aren't a hero who want to save the world from a bisho villain. In this game you are a little puny prehistoric animal like any other, but one day Gaia (the spirit of the earth) says she wants to marry you, that would be good if you shouldn't have to survive to millions of years of "survival of the fittest", and evolve to take her hand, Cool huh.

The aspects of the game are pretty well done; you can see the work in those sprites that make your character and the landscape look so neat, the variety of scenarios is astonishing you can see deserts here and lost civilizations in the next stage. Sadly I can't say the same if we talk about the music, the music in this game is repetitive and kinda annoying and sometimes it simply doesn't fit. That's maybe the only really bad thing in the game.

The gameplay is pretty normal. You can bite, jump, eat and other things depending of your specie for example the mammals can kick backwards, the fishes can move freely left, right, up and down and some dinosaurs can fly. It's really cool that the control changes depending of your evolution.

Now we'll go to the center of fun itself the concept of the game. Like in any other game you are in a stage with a lot of enemies, yes you have to kill them; the difference is that when you kill one of them a little piece of meat appears you eat it and you will restore your HP an earn some EP (Evolution points). When you have a lot of points you press SELECT and push the evolution button, you will see some parts to tune up your body like tails, jaws, horns, legs, back of the head, body or simply don't evolve what you can buy using your points, the common sense says that the most expensive parts are the better ones, but sometimes the best armor make you run slower, or a better tail takes 5 of your health points so be careful evolving.

The game itself drive you trough 5 eras full of other animals who want to kill you to survive. In the spirit of the SNES week I prepared a little tour through them so lets go.

1) The world before the land.

The first part of the game takes place in the ancestral oceans of the world. Here you who are a little fish-missing link wannabe who should go from here to there swimming and eating little species to earn E.P. and fight versus a gang of super sharks that don't want the life go beyond the sea, nothing special.

2) Early Creatures of Land.

Here we are in the second stage, where the little and puny amphibians put their feet in the ground by first time. Oh and talking about little and puny amphibians you better get used to them because you have to be one of them. And the boss here is an annoying bee prepared to drill your hopes with her hellish sting.

3) Age of Dinosaurs.

I know you were waiting for this, the little and puny species are sweep aside by the great and powerful dinosaurs WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE. Sadly you are a slow and extremely vulnerable herbivore. The main tourist attractions are: a mountain full of flying dinosaur that will give you a free ride to the skies, and a quick return to the ground, a sea with a lot of easy killable species, and the domains of the blood thirsty tirasaurs (no, it isn't a clerical mistake).

4) The Ice Age.

Here the things get cold. Sadly your cold blooded dinosaur assassin can't survive in this age, so you will have to evolve into a rat.... yes a rat. I think in this part of the game the developers found a mysterious bag, they begun to smoke the contents of the bag, and then they come up with the idea of a insanely hard yeti, a harder girlfriend for that yeti... oh and if you think that's weird it's because you haven't seen the flying fortress of the bird people... no, I'm not joking.

5) The Early Man.

Finally we are in the end of the game. Now you will face bigger and more dangerous mammals, you remember the mysterious bag; well its content is important again without it you wouldn't feel the experience of traveling in an ancient teleport machine, fight versus sharks with rifles who ride on bigger sharks, playing against the first batter in the history and a really unexpected ending.

Playing trough this game is a weird experience. At least it was pleasant for me, I really feel great because this game turned me again in the weird child who always thinks what's stronger a tyrannosaurus-rex, a giant air breathing flying shark or a super alien. Oh god what I'm really trying to say is you'll really like playing this game, if you like the 2-d adventures and you haven't played this game you are a sinner.


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