Fallout's Top 25 Games of All Time (2005 Version)
by Fallout

25 - Slave Zero (Dreamcast)

While not a pioneer in graphics or really anything, this game is one of the best out for Dreamcast and I HIGHLY recommend. The story is that the world is under control of this evil guy and you have to put an end to it. Sounds pretty basic right? Well, story-wise it is. But it offers a unique setup for the Dreamcast controller, which lacks dual-joysticks. Slave Zero makes up for this by using the buttons as a second joystick. It sounds awkward, and it is, but once you get used to it actually is pretty simple. The multiplayer on it is very entertaining and adds even more life to the game. It also features one of the most destructive weapons this side of the BFG: The Black Hole gun. It clears out the entire screen of enemies, and looks damn cool while doing it. The other guns aren't exactly popguns either, and each has its strong and weak points. Another really cool feature is that you can grab girders, rocks, cars, pretty much anything and use that as a weapon. There really isn't anything like beating an opponent senseless with a giant metal pole. Slave Zero is pretty easy to find, and it's not very expensive so check it out if you have a Dreamcast you Sega whore.

24 - Devil May Cry (PlayStation 2)

Why is Devil May Cry 1 on here and not the extremely difficult 3? Because it, in my opinion, is a hell of a lot more fun. The story is great, graphics are purty, and the controls and gameplay are easy to master and very entertaining. As Dante, the badass Goth dude who is half demon and has a voice actor who is really not that good at imitating sorrow/anger. Otherwise it's fine, but when his voice doesn't really change depth during an angst ridden scream and then it cracks in the end I was trying very hard not to just mute the damn thing. The game is pretty easy; you can beat just about every boss with just using his guns. They never run out of ammo, and you never have to reload, and they lock on so aiming is just a matter of holding down the trigger. The boss battles are very entertaining, and all the quests make you use your brain for the most part. When I beat it left me wanting more so I ended up beating it about 4 times in a row and was still looking for more. I attribute this to the game's addictive nature, giving you a fix that does not last long and just makes you want more. DMC2 did not come close to matching the original in quality and DMC3 made me cry. DMC4 is coming out eventually, and if it sucks ass someone's gonna be crying and it's not going to be me.

23 - Tokyo Extreme Racer 0

The best street racing game ever. That's right, better than Midnight Club or Underground. Why? Because you're not forced to completely rice out your car and IT ACTUALLY FOLLOWS HOW THING SWORK IN REAL LIFE. For example, if you put a body kit on your car it gets heavier, if you buy a new more powerful engine you have to improve your handling and, if you have the proper transmission, change the gearing as well. Every time you change something, another thing must be done. It's just an endless cycle, until eventually you have the ultimate car. The game also is pretty long, so it will keep you busy for a while. One reason for that is there are about 300 opponents to race, and many of them will have you crying in frustration as they whoop your ass time and time again, or because you took a wrong turn right when you were about to win and ended up getting a draw. The difficulty of it at times is my only true complaint, because one bad decision can fuck you up royally for a while. Also, the skyline is not the ultimate car, despite the reputation its given in other games. Most of the class-a cars will dominate, although the boss cars (while really freakin expensive) are pretty much the way to go. Why was this game fun? Because it was realistic in many ways, and ricing out your car is totally unnecessary, and in the end the most expensive car isn't always the best. And nothing beats the thrill of defeating an opponent ten times faster than you just by combining a semi with a nice little love tap.

22 - Return to Castle Wolfenstein

I used play the original Wolfenstein at a friend's house way back when it was considered groundbreaking, and when I saw this one I decided to buy it. This is a game that should all FPS should be based on. Not on story or graphics or anything like that, but on how it is done. You must use your head; you can either rush in guns blazing or try a secretive approach. It contains both the normal for a WWII game, and the bizarre. You range from a WWII battlefield to a secret laboratory filled X creatures. Fast, annoying, and a real pain to take down. And there's NEVER enough panzerschreks lying around. The game gets really weird in the end, with you fighting Nazis, zombies, dogs with chain guns, cyborgs, and Chewbacca. But its not too difficult, hell, the final boss can be beaten without getting hit once. But why, why does it make it on my list of favorite games? BECAUSE ITS THAT DAMN COOL.

21 - TOCA Race Driver 2 (XBORX)

Better than Gran Turismo and Project Gotham combined, but yet not that well known. You are an unnamed racer, and you and your crew are trying to win EVERYTHING. And you literally do everything. From super trucks to F1, every possible race is there, except for drag racing. And there is a plot to it, I cant really describe it other than your manager and crew chief talk to you, along with rivals who get pissed at you if you beat them. But one feature of the game that I enjoy is that you don't have to get first place to win. Usually you just have to finish within a few positions of a rival or just make sure they don't win. It separates it from the other games that place an emphasis on first place, and then add in things like catch up and turtle shells just to make it harder. The AI on the game varies greatly. Sometimes they're good drivers, other times they can barely stay on the track. Then comes supertrucks, where they go out of their way to put you into a wall. Those bastards are fucking brutal. Racing a Semi never was so much fun, least not since Big Rigs.

20 - Need For Speed Hot Pursuit 2 (XBORX)

That's right, another racing game. This one I don't like for realism or anything like that. I just like it because it's good senseless fun. You just race, and try and make sure the pigs don't catch yah. This game is pretty much entirely based on shortcuts. Luckily they only make you race cars in your class, even if they are not that similar in real life. But, since when has real life mattered in games? There's a ton of shortcuts on each level, some of them span half the course. It offers countless hours of enjoyment, and that's just the single player. Multi should keep you and friends (if you have any) entertained. And if they don't like it slap em around a bit.

19 - Super Bomberman 4 (SNES)

Now were getting old school. I didn't have an SNES when I was growing up so I never owned this game, and seeing as how it was only released in Japan none of my friends could have it. But, on a nice little journey through a Rom site, I saw they had bomberman. I hadn't heard of it so I tried it. I was amazed. It was not a technological marvel, in fact, it was pretty simplistic. Drop a bomb and make sure it doesn't kill you, that's pretty much all it involves. I cant really describe story mode seeing as how its in Japanese, but from what I can tell some evil bombermen and their robot minions attacked a ship with bomberman and his little player2 buddy on it, so now its ass kicking time. Bomberman, is not a 1 person game. It's most fun when playing against another person, or, playing with as team battles and co-op are available. I still enjoy going back and playing this and marveling at how a game this simple beats out many games less than a year old, and how shitty all the other bomberman games are. Don't even get me started on Bomberman Advanced.

18 - James Bond 007: Everything Or Nothing

OH NOE AN EA GAME BEING GOOD? LIES! WELL TOUGH SHIT. Another bond game that isn't based on a movie and in my opinion has Golden Eye beat. The game possesses all the qualities of one of the movies, car chases, explosions, and sex. And hot chicks wearing skimpy outfits. You do everything from sneak, shoot, chase, race, sex, shoot some more, sneak a bit, fly, explode, drive, and die. Certain parts of the game do kick your ass, while others make you wonder why you even bothered. One problem that bothers the hell out of me in this is ammo, and how you can't hold much of it. You run out quickly and then you have to try and run through a fire fight picking up more. Definitely a weak point of it. Co-op in this game sucks. You can only die once, and it is hard not to when you have people with rocket launchers in a crowded room shooting you. Add to it the fact that for some reason it would never save our progress after level 2, making us have to play everything over again and suddenly you REALLY don't want to play anymore. Single player is where its at, and you the theme song for it is catchy.

17 - Tekken Tag Tournament (PlayStation 2)

You won't see me playing many fighting games, so any game I put on my top 25 list has to be pretty damn good. Tekken tag is just that. I no longer have to choose between armor king and law, now I can use both, and cause much ass whooping to occur on the opponent. Hwoarang is still a cheap mother fucker, but then again many of the characters are.

Tekken Tag offers more than just fighting, there's also BOWLING. That's right; your favorite characters now bowl. And it is NOT easy. The robots get an aiming feature, but they also have really quick moving power and accuracy bars. The best team for it I've come up with is Armor King and P.Jack. I still have not beaten the high score, its freakin impossible. All it ever gives me are splits, no matter what I try. DAMN GAMES CHEATIN. Too bad it's addicting. Tekken tag has stolen valuable time from me and I don't really want it back. And besides, any game that lets you put a panda and a velociraptor in a fight to the death can't be half bad.

16 - Super Smash Bros. Melee (GameCube)

I don't quite know what this game classifies as, but who gives a shit its fun as hell. My friend and I spent countless hours playing this, and many curse words later I still find it fun. The game is pretty much supposed to solve all debates over what video game character is better than another, by putting them in a 4-way death match where the only way to win is to knock each other off the edge. Pick from a good sized selection spanning nearly 2 decades of Nintendo's existence, each character with its own special moves and stats. From Mario to Pikachu, it's got all of the popular characters, and even a few that aren't that well known. It will give you endless fun, least until you try and beat every part of the game, because then you'll just end up breaking your controller in rage because you lost due to some cheap hit, or a bobomb just nuked your ass to kingdom come. My only problem is that visibility isn't always very good, and if you are a fast character like Captain Falcon then you might want to get used to falling because that's all you're gonna do.

15 - Mech Assault 2 (XBORX)

This game is one that I recently acquired, but has quickly become one of my all time favorites. I have always been a fan of the Mechwarrior series, and enjoyed reading the Battletech novels, so I naturally had to explore the latest adventure in the series. Granted, it's A LOT different from Mechwarrior. However, it does not take much away from it. You are the nameless mechwarrior, and your unit consists of only 3 people: The major (she flies the VTOL), a tech, and you. Yet, you still go out on solo missions where you take out armies of mechs, because you're that damn good. Controls are simple, unlike the Mechwarrior it's easier to master them and the game has a nice learning curve making it ideal for beginners. One thing I don't like about it is how I can't choose which mech to use for a mission. You don't find out what mech you are using until the mission begins, and it isn't always a nice surprise. Also, the customizing your mech is not an option, which is sad because that was an important part of Mechwarrior. One thing I do enjoy is that not only are you piloting mechs, but you pilot tanks, planes, VTOLs, and battle-armors as well. Piloting the battle-armor is fun because you can latch on to enemy mechs and hack their system, then, get to pilot that mech around like it was your own. Fun on single player, but a real pain in the ass on multiplayer. The last thing you want when trying to take down an enemy is a pain in the ass parasite kicking you out of your mech. But, each game has its nuisance; this one is just one of the worst.

14 - Gundamn 0079: Rise From The Ashes (Dreamcast)

One of the best Gundam games out there and one of the top games for Dreamcast. Gundam is one of my favorite series; it combines my love for giant robots with giant robots that blow shit up. This game is one of the other stories from the One Year War that the original Gundam and 08th MS Teams are based off of. This tells of the story of the White Dingoes, a Mobile Suit team based in Australia that is fighting the Zeon forces. You are in charge of this team, and you choose from 4 different suits and numerous equipments that can be customized for each mission. My favorite setup is a GM Cannon with a large shield and a beam rifle. Remember that, IT WILL GET YOU FAR. It was the first Gundam game to be sold in the US, and is the only one to offer a first person viewpoint. A great part of this is that the ending for each mission is determined on what decisions you make, and this can go on to affect the rest of the game. It took me a long time to track down a copy back when I had a Dreamcast, and it still is not that easy to find. It is worth picking up if you can find it. Controls are a bit awkward and take some getting used to, especially when using the beam saber. It's worth ANY price, it's a must for Gundam fans.

13 - StarWars Republic Commando (XBORX)

This game demonstrates that not all new games suck for single player and are only good in multi. Instead, it shows the exact opposite. The story is that of a squad of clone trooper commandos, whose missions take place between episodes II and III of the movies. You go from the desert planet Geonosis to the jungle of Kashyyk (and yes you meet wookies), fighting the droid army along the way. The squad consists of you (the leader), Sev (the moody sniper), Scorch (the comedic demolitions expert), and Fixer (the hacker who doesn't do much). The need for each character to be assigned a duty is really pointless as each character (even you) can obey the same command. The game is mainly about choices. Do you want someone at a sniper position or a heavy weapons position; do you want to hack the door and go in quietly or blow it open and run in guns blazing? Whichever choice you make doesn't affect the outcome that much, just means there may be more enemies on the other side waiting. Another feature the game has is that when you die a squad mate can resurrect you, and a game over occurs when there are no squad mates to help. Also, each weapon has a button assigned to select it on the d-pad. Granted, the Xbox d-pad really is not all the good for selecting weapons, as you will press down for a shotgun and it will nudge itself over to the right just enough to give you the sniper rifle instead. This does NOT help in a firefight. Multiplayer is alright, but leaves much to be desired. Doesn't bother me, I don't have Xbox Live, and all games should have a great single player, because not everyone has high speed internet and the money to pay the monthly Live fee. This is why you won't see a certain game that will go nameless on here.

12 - Doom 3 (XBORX/PC)

Just looking at the cover is enough to tell you how the game is gonna be. That is a hell knight. And it will kick your ass if it gets the chance to. The Doom series has always been a favorite game of mine. I remember playing it at a friend's house, and watching his dad play it and blasting through the game like it was nothing. It was my first introduction to Senor Chainsaw, and the destruction and massacre it causes. So, when I heard Doom 3 was coming out I was interested. Least until I heard the system requirements then I shrugged it off and found some other game to look forward to. I later discovered it was coming out for Xbox, and so I waited. After hearing good reviews I picked it up and started playing. This game is fucking spooky. And by spooky, I mean you'll jump out of your seat at some points. Enemies pop out of everywhere, above, below, in front, behind, EVERYWHERE. And a lack of radar means you'd better watch your back when entering rooms. The game has a real long single player that will keep you busy for a while, although it is a bit easy. Bosses for some reason are easier than regular enemies, despite the fact they're generally 20 feet tall. Ammo conservation isn't a problem as ammo is littered all through out the game. However, there is one point that the game really kicks you in the nuts so watch out. I haven't bothered with multiplayer; it's only over Xbox Live. Although it does offer a co-op mode, which would help a lot. I just wish the Super Shotgun was in it, then my life would be complete.

11 - Terminal Velocity (PC)

Released in 1995, Terminal Velocity has been a favorite of mine ever since the Shareware version cane with my old PC. You are the pilot of an experimental aircraft that has killed all of its other pilots. Sounds fun, huh? Well, you and your Flying Deathtrap © have to save the galaxy, and you go from planet to planet blowing the shit out of everyone that wants to stop you. This game was not that easy, in fact it as pretty difficult. It's a fully 3d environment, so trying to target an enemy directly above you who is also maneuvering can prove to be a nuisance. The game doesn't possess a staggering amount of levels, but they are of a decent length. Games like these just put modern ones to shame. The shareware version of this game was better than many other games I've purchased. How is it possible, that a free game is more entertaining than a paid one? Is it because I haven't put a dent in my account? No. It's because the free games aren't worried about marketing and ratings, because they really aren't expecting any profit to begin with. EA and a few others could learn a few lessons from 3drealms.

10 - Red Faction (PS2/PC)

I never really wanted this game. I had seen it in stores and it didn't really interest me just by the box or screenshots. Then, my friend got me it for my birthday. I was really planning on trading it in sometime and not playing it, but I put it in one day and got introduced to one of the greatest First Person Shooters. You are Parker, a miner for the Ultor Corporation. Tired of abuse, poor wages, and unfit conditions a group of miners called the Red Faction rebels and fights back against Ultor. You get caught up in everything and end up fighting alongside them. Several hours of gaming later, Ultor is gone and you are victorious. This game possesses several things I enjoy. First off, the whole game is one big level. There are no cut scenes taking you from one spot to another, you can walk from the end of the game back to the beginning. Also, I can't find a weapon I don't like. All the guns are great in their own right, from the Pistol to the Rail Gun; each has its own uses. One unique feature is what they call Geo Mod technology. This means, that when you shoot a rocket at the wall, ground, or ceiling, it will put a hole in it. This provides many easy solutions to problems that in many games would require more work. You can blow your way around locked doors, and even trap opponents in holes. Hell, in multiplayer my friend and I used to make tunnels from one side of the map to the other. Also, it has one of the best multiplayers for PS2 that I have ever seen on a FPS. Usually the fact that only 2 can play sucks, yet in Red Faction it works out fine. The bots aren't all that stupid and the only complaint I have is that they have perfect aim with the sniper rifle and rail gun even when in a running firefight. Communist undertones aside, this game possesses many elements that all FPSes should have. Geo-mod especially, because any game that brags about realism but has wooden doors that can withstand a rocket barrage is full of shit.

9 - Commander Keen (PC)

Commander Keen was the first video game I ever played, and therefore deserves its ranking up here because after 14 years of existence they are still the best games I have ever played. Commander Keen is the alias of some kid named Billy who is a super genius and saves the world and galaxy from the Vorticons. It's a basic platformer, your goal in each level is to find the exit because that's where the person you're saving or item you need to retrieve is located. Along the way you shoot creatures with your stun ray (it's a kids game killing isn't allowed), and picking up candy and soda along the way. It's a fairly simple game, the first on especially can be beat in one sitting as long as you are careful and don't get eaten by the purple toilets or fall into the spikes. It is very addicting, and my favorite 2 are Goodbye Galaxy and the original one. The original just because it was the first game I've ever had and it was very fun and challenging for a 5 year old. Goodbye Galaxy because it improves on the original and, IT HAS THE DOPEFISH. Just who is the Dopefish? Why, he's the most annoying creature ever created. He can't be killed and will chase you down and eat you.


8 - Super Battleship (SNES)

Quite possibly one of the slowest games in existence, but still one of the best. It gives a new spin on Battleship the board game, giving full reign of a predetermined amount of vessels for each mission, with an objective to accomplish. The game is turn based, a turn ends when each ship has made a move, and then it switches over to the opposing side. Ships to ship battles are entertaining, as you get full control over each ships devastating broadside, and aim is key. Do you take out their guns first and render them defenseless or knock out their engines so they're an easier target? Each ship's vitals are at different locations so memorization is a good idea. And, if they damage something on your ships you'd better hope it can be repaired, because a ship that's dead in the water is completely useless. My friend and I spent hours playing this, and we never got past Raid on Mindino Airfield. Even playing it now on an emulator I can't pull it off. This game I love for its challenging missions and unique game play. Granted, a few things could be improved on, for example you only have a limited amount of turns. That's why I can't beat Mindino Airfield I keep running out of time. For those of you strategically challenged, get used to seeing "ALL HOPE IS LOST".

7 - Raptor: Call of the Shadows (PC)

The picture up there does not do the game any justice. This game is a devastatingly fun and long game. It is an overhead shooter similar to Aerofighters and Raiden, except all upgrades are bought before each mission with money earned from enemies destroyed. You have 14 weapons to choose from, and each has its own strengths and weaknesses. You go out each level and destroy everything that comes along the screen. At the end of each level is a boss, a pretty good sized Airship or other giant machine of human design that floods the screen in lasers, fireballs, missiles and just about every other projectile possible.

Raptor is one of the longest, most difficult games I have ever played. 27 levels of non-stop fighting, with the nothing but shields and some mega bombs to keep you from getting eaten. This game is hard enough on Veteran, it took me a LONG time to beat it on that, and it's not even the worst. Elite is just plain murder. I don't think anyone has ever beaten that game on elite. Least not anyone mortal.

6 - Gundamn X

2nd Gundam game on the list (what I love Gundam) and another strategy game. This one combines turn based strategy with live action brawling. Each side picks which nation from the Gundam series he wants to use (you can get more than one), along with how many planets, moons, factories, and colonies are in the map. A turn ends when you move all your units or you select end turn. Then their turn starts and so on. Once 2 mobile suits are on 2 coinciding hexagons they can attack, and any friendly units touching the hexagon is brought into the battle, allowing for up to a 5v5 battle. The battle is live action; you control one unit while the rest are all computer AI.

It was a Japan only release so your only hope of attaining it is with an emulator. Most of the ROMs I've seen are nearly fully translated save a few words that flash across the screen and the in game start menu. The only way to figure out what to do is through trial and error, and it guarantees fun for both Gundam fans and anyone looking for a good strategy game.

5 - Medal of Honor Frontline (XBORX)

OH SHIT 2 EA GAMES IN A TOP 25 LIST NOT POSSIBLE. Well, it is so stfu no one cares you brand stereotyping asshole. Just because they're the biggest company doesn't necessarily mean all their games are shit. This, is one example of a good one. It was the first game I ever bought for a console, and I have kept it through all my trips to Gamestop. Its pretty much the same plot as every other Medal of Honor game, you are an O.S.S agent behind enemy lines doing secret missions. You go all over Europe fighting to bring down the Third Reich and along the way do some cool stuff. There are a lot of fun things to do in each level, from blowing up U-boats to sending jet engines through walls. The game is of a good length, and isn't devoted to multiplayer, mainly since I got the PS2 version which didn't have one. Graphics, music, and sound in this game are spectacular. The D-day landing at the beginning of the game is chaotic and intense, as if it were taken from a movie. The last 2 MOH games have not been very good; in fact they were downright disappointing. Both were too short and just didn't possess the same qualities as Frontline. Frontline is the peak of all WWII shooters, it puts the glitch fest known as Call of Duty to shame and is equal only to Return to Castle Wolfenstein.

4 - Zone of the Enders (PC)

From the makers of Metal Gear Solid, comes this. A story of a madman trying to destroy the universe and the reluctant hero who stops him, and uses his giant robot with the cockpit located in the crotch region. A phallic symbol perhaps? Nah. Konami is above that. This game possesses everything a game should have: A great story, superb voice acting, a killer soundtrack, flawless graphics, and excellent game play. You pilot Jehuty, an orbital frame that is the only thing that can stop BAHRAM from annihilating everything. One great thing about it is that you can fight up to 100 enemies on screen at once. Sound tough? Not really. Just by pressing the attack button Jehuty will launch himself at the target and hit it. Just keep tapping and you won't have a problem. Also, the bosses are HUGE. I mean, they-don't-even-fit-on-the-damn-screen-huge. Each has its weakness and method of destroying it. But the orbital frame v. orbital frame battles are the best. It seems lifelike, well, as lifelike as 2 giant robots beating the shit out of each other can get. An elegant combination of attacks and dodges makes up each fight.

Granted, the quick movements do limit visibility when combined with explosions and other images. However, it isn't that big a worry as the auto-target takes care of everything for you. The game also includes a cameo of the Vic Viper, the ship from Gradius. Although now, it is a transforming orbital frame piloted by the whiney kid that was Jehuty's original pilot in the first ZOE. I just wish another game in the series would come out, especially if it was of as high a caliber as this game. This, in my opinion, is better than Metal Gear. Why? Because Metal Gear bores the fuck out of me, and the fact I have to run around looking for a damn keycard every time I see a door just isn't fun. So yeah, I hate it because I suck at it.

3 - Halo: Combat Evolved (XBORX)

Now, is anyone really that surprised by this? Love it or hate it, there is no in between. Say what you will, but I fell in love with this game the first time I played it. Why? Well, mainly because of co-op. The game on co-op is ten times better than when it's just you. But even then, the game can be a lot different depending on how you play. I've actually managed to go through entire levels without firing a shot. The game possesses many elements that I love, from lots of action to sticky grenades. Plasma grenades are one of the best features of Halo. On co-op for example you just stick it on your friend and send them into a room of Covenant, and bam it's clear. Also, few things are funnier than a Grunt running around in circles screaming with a blue flame on his head. Many people complain about cut-and-paste level design, yet love games like the Megaman X series. I personally am not bothered by the level design; I'm usually too busy chasing down enemies in warthogs or trying not to get rocketed by flood to pay attention. The Library level isn't as bad as people complain about. I never got lost in it, hell; I can run through it with my eyes closed. Halo 2 was a bust, but it didn't tarnish the original at all. Weapons in this game are fine, with the exclusion of the covenant weapons. You only get 2, and just about any combination will work. My favorite sets are pistol/shotgun, assault rifle/shotgun, pistol/rocket launcher, and yes I do use the pistol a lot. All of those people who complain about it being cheap need to go back to Counterstrike and accept that its part of the game. This game really is ten times better on co-op, especially if you're playing with one of your friends. Multiplayer is fun as well, but co-op beats it hands down.

2 - Command and Conquer: Red Alert Series (PC)

Command and Conquer far surpasses Starcraft in every way. The game play is ten times better, and I think the acting is a hell of a lot better. The acting in each one is top notch, with the exception of Agent Tanya, who can be really annoying. She is why we have a volume control, to just shut off the sound and look. That's it. In the first Red Alert, it is an example of what would happen if Hitler had never started WWII. Einstein created the Chronosphere and went back in time and eliminated Hitler, allowing the Soviet Union to develop a powerful military early on in history, and prompting Josef Stalin to invade Europe to gain control. US is absent in this one, choosing to stay out as it tried to do during WWII. Stalin invades, and is I'm guessing the Allies ending is the correct one because Europe is still free in Red Alert 2. In Red Alert 2, Russia invades the US. The US ending is correct, because in Yuri's Revenge the US is celebrating its victory when Yuri (the Russians psychic creepy guy) appears and tries to take over the world with his psychic abilities. Each one has its own strong and weak points; like in Red Alert the Russians have a HUGE advantage over the Allies in every way. In Yuri's Revenge, Yuri's forces are impossible to beat and impossible to use. But why, why is it better than Starcraft? I'll list a few reasons. One, you can control more than 12 units at a time. Two, you don't need to make supply depots for your units. Three, you can make as many units as you want. With Russia in RA2 I once made an army 1,000 men strong. Four, when you build something like a carrier, YOU DON'T HAVE TO BUILD THE INDIVIDUAL PLANES. Five, Boris. Don't know who Boris is? Buy Yuri's Revenge and find out.

1 - MechWarrior 2 / MechWarrior 2 Mercenaries (PC)

The number 1 game on my list, and guess what, ITS 2. Mechwarrior 2 was one of the first games I ever owned, and I bought it right when it came out. I was at Incredible Universe (big electronics store that lasted a month) and saw it on a demo PC. I played, and didn't stop for 2 hours (115 Minutes over the time limit). I was addicted, and have been following the series all the way up to the Mechassault games. Why are these games fun? Because, you have almost complete control over what occurs. You can make your own mech, then decide which mech you want to use, and half the time you don't even have to complete your objectives. Mechwarrior 2 is on there because it was what got me into it, while Mercenaries is because of all the options and the tons and tons of missions and mechs. In Mercenaries, you pick the contracts, and then you are given a set of missions. If you fail a mission, you don't play it over. You just continue on with the campaign, sometimes adding several missions to the campaign you wouldn't have to play if you had beaten one mission. Also, your objectives are really choices. For example, in one mission you have to steal a mech. Afterwards, you get a choice whether to keep it for yourself and destroy your employers transport or trade it in. Doing the first one gives you a really kick ass mech, but you don't get paid for the mission. Graphics for these games are far from spectacular, seeing as how they were made in 1995. However, back when they first came out they were spectacular, and amazed me to no end. Your mech rises and falls with each footstep, and the cockpit rocks along with every hit and movement. Unlike newer Mechwarrior games, a harder difficulty doesn't mean the computer players just single you out. Instead, it means they are more accurate and fire their weapons more frequently and in larger groups. To me, these games are the number 1 games I have ever played. No Metal Gear, Final Fantasy, or other game series will EVER replace them. Not Mario, not Half Life, not even Halo.

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