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Oh man, this one is too damn funny. An in store advertisement for the Sega CD. Only this time we are laughing at Sega's attempts to be hip. If you only watch one of these commercials, you gotta watch this one.

Okay, this makes a nice segue into the next segment, here's an extended commercial from the UK

Okay, lets look at the 32-X, sure it sucked but at least the commercial was entertaining.

Yet another amusing Sega CD commercial.

Print Ads

Here are some print ads for the Genesis. Two of which are my favourites. They are for Streets of Rage, Streets of Rage 2, and the other is for Joe Montana Football. The latter two are little mini-interviews that supposedly show off the specific power and ability of the genesis and it's exclusive games. But in reality, it's just a bit of Self aggrandizing propaganda.


This one is an ad from when the SNES had just launched, and Sega was firing off it's first salvo in the hype wars. One supposes that Nintendo never felt they had the need to fight this dirty. To this day, none of their games involve these sorts of smear tactics of self-aggrandizing posturing and while one can appreciate Nintendo's confident posture, it does make them predictable and less fun from a marketing point of view.

A few UK ads

An ad for the 32X

Well, that wraps up this simultaneous look back/forward. The genesis is our history, and it is your future as (Too Cool For) Sega Genesis Week is a week away.

Thats Right! All this and more is coming your way soon. Brought to you by the power of Blast Processing from people with no lives and way too much damn time on their hands, as well as the useless mutant ability to type 80 wpm.

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