Puzzle Bobble
by Vicraf

Well people lets talk about a great game that you probably haven't played... and that's exactly the reason that I use to write this review. Enough chat, lets begin.

Our history begins in a dread age called 1994, this age is different from everything you players nowadays know, for example in those days the RPG still wasn't the steampunk history of young man with a big sword and a shady past versus a bisho with a long "katana." Weird huh? And wait 'till you hear this: the 2-d adventures were one of the biggest videogame genres... Maybe you want to take a break and drink some water before the next revelation I don't want your family/friends/coworkers/etc find your stunted body in front of the computer. Well don't say I didn't warn you. In those times the hero of a good and popular videogame could be a little bubble spitting dragon.

And that was the case with Puzzle Bobble. Now assuming that you are still awake and you can perceive visible radiation with your eyes you have already seen that image over the text. Well that image explain almost all the essence of puzzle bobble, like almost all the puzzles you are in a confined space called "the box." This "box" is filled with bubbles of different colors, cool isn't it?. The real magic begins here; you see those little dinosaurs in the bottom of the screen. You control them, that's the biggest difference between Puzzle Bobble, and the other "box" puzzles, here you can't control how the bubbles fly instead you shoot the bubble where you want. You are probably thinking "why the hell I need to shoot bubbles?" well Mr. woodbrain, when 3 or more bubbles of the same color are together they burst giving points to the player, and when you burst all the bubbles of the "box" you clear a level and you can go to the next level, but if you aren't good in this of shooting your "box" probably will be full in no time, and that means game over. It could sound boring but thanks to the capacity of bounce your bubbles on the walls this quickly transform in a strategy contest to put the bubbles in the right place, another cool trick is that when you burst a bubble who is holding another bubbles all the others will fall and this little trick will give you a lot of points, and also there are some special bubbles who burst when you hit them, almost all of them help you to clear the "box" more easily.

For the sake of fun, the game have 3 different game modes. let's discuss them. The first is the 1p play, this is way the more simple of all you just have to clear a level, and clear another level and repeat the process until you lose. Now that I stop to think about this, being an old videgamer is like being a gladiator you do the same thing over an over until you die doing that thing. You don't need to be afraid though, all the level are really different from the other so it never seems repetitive, also you have to play quick because you get a bonus if you clear the level in less than 1 minute. The other is the 2p play this is the standard versus where you and a friend/enemy/brother/opponent/CPU engage in a duel to the best of three. The mechanics are almost the same that you see in the 1p but here if you are doing great some bubbles will appear in the "box" of your opponent making the things less simple for him. In my family this play mode is infamous because no one can beat me ja. And in the bottom of the barrel we have the challenge play is simple just burst all the bubbles you can using whatever trick you have under your sleeve (if one of you hags can burst more than 1025 bubbles then you probably are a worthy opponent).

Talking seriously, this game isn't one of the shiniest jewels of the snes, but the nice and colorful graphics and the wacky music together with the cool gameplay and the simplistic beauty of the levels make it really fun and a bit addictive. This game is my favorite to play when I have 2 or 3 hours without anything productive to do. Oh and never forget is other game of the saga with the cutest hero. Now if you excuse me I'm going to the opera and I need to download a cell phone version of this game if I don't want a slow and sorrowful death, bye.


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