The top 115 SNES games ever according to SNS - Part 3
by Sliders n' Socks

#65 - Street Fighter Alpha 2
Chosen by: Meister

Meister - Another party favourite, despite some technical issues ("Round 1! FIGHT! Waaaaait for it okaynow!"). I kicked ass with Guy.

#64 - Axelay
Chosen by: Rhete

Rhete - Beautiful graphics, music, and unique weapons a plenty. A fantastic shooter all around.

#63 - Earthworm Jim
Chosen by: Derek

Derek - When I played this I seriously thought Doug Tennapel was a huge drug addict. Imagine my surprise when I found out he was a very right wing conservative.

#62 - Earthworm Jim 2
Chosen by: Pat

Pat - I generally prefer this game to the first one, and the SNES version of EWJ2 is better than the Genesis one.

#61 - Ken Griffey Jr.'s Winning Run
Chosen by: wolf99x

wolf99x - Interesting soundtrack (heavy guitar + organ music), plus the ability to edit and rename players to your liking makes up for the total lack of a license (except for the game's namesake of course). Game's pretty simple play-wise as well.

#60 - Soul Blazer
Chosen by: Genuine Fiber

Genuine Fiber - This game's story actually drew me in. Sure I was like nine years old when I got it but I was helping! I was saving souls! Plus it's fun if you find the infinite magic item and go around wrecking stuff with Phoenix.

#59 - Terranigma
Chosen by: Meister

Meister - Actually pretty sad for a colourful SNES action-adventure.

#58 - EVO: The Search for Eden
Chosen by: Rhete

Rhete - Before there was Spore, there was EVO. And it was actually better, combining buying parts to evolve your character, with classic 2d action, and a storyline spanning millions of years.

#57 - Arkanoid
Chosen by: Wolf

Wolf - Addictive doesn't begin to describe it.

#56 - Jikkyou Oshaberi Parodius
Chosen by: Meister

Meister - Now I can commandeer a stick figure surfing on a paper plane using a condom for a shield, and a crazy Japanese man will do live commentary! Must have been quite a feat squeezing so much speech on a SNES cart. It only gets more impressive when you consider this was an SNES exclusive, not an arcade port like all the others.

#55 - Lufia II: Rise of the Sinistrals
Chosen by: Genuine Fiber

Genuine Fiber - Better than the original by leaps and bounds, better than FFII/III by a decent margin in almost every area there I said it. If you want the full gushing accolades ask me about it in IRC sometime.

#54 - Sonic Blast Man
Chosen by: Vanor Orion

Vanor Orion - This may have been the God Hand of its time. The main character looks like a totally blatant cliche of a superhero cliche. Everything is hilariously over-exaggerated, especially the fighting. And the bonus levels between stages involve you punching out thugs, trains, giant crabs and a fucking asteroid. And it had kickass music.

#53 - Super Smash TV
Chosen by: Irish

Irish - I wish they still made games like this. Short, fun, wacky, and frantic. No deep story, no cutscenes, intentionally crappy voiceovers, and bikini chicks and blood aplenty.

#52 - Metal Warriors
Chosen by: Wolf

Wolf - Another Konami gem, LucasArts meets giant robots.

#51 - Primal Rage
Chosen by: RaiRaiRai

RaiRaiRai - It's fun to juggle the humans with tail-whipping.

#50 - Starfox 2
Chosen by: wolf99x

wolf99x - This is the game Starfox Command wishes it could be. It's probably also the game many fans of the series wish they'd go back to. Or maybe they don't. Maybe it's just me.

#49 - Final Fight
Chosen by: Vanor Orion

Vanor Orion - "I get to break vehicles in the bonus stages? Fuck yeah!"

#48 - Tetris Attack
Chosen by: decoy octopus

decoy octopus - The perfect puzzle game.

#47 - Front Mission: Gun Hazard
Chosen by: wolf99x

wolf99x - Like River City Ransom only with giant robots and Square's excellent storytelling; I think that's all that needs to be said here.

#46 - Fire Emblem: Seisen no Keifu (Genealogy of the Holy War)
Chosen by: Wolf

Wolf - Amazingly well-developed story + great soundtrack + memorable characters + love + plot twists + two-generational system + HUGE maps = awesome.

#45 - Gundam Wing: Endless Duel
Chosen by: Derek, wolf99x

Derek - The first six enemies you fight are pretty easy, but once you get to Epyon and the others it becomes a series of me shouting, WHAT THE FUCK?

wolf99x - I would've rated this higher if the difficulty curve wasn't developed by a fan of exponents. having said that there are few things as satisfying as watching Wing Zero fire its beam rifles John Woo style.

#44 - Blackthorne
Chosen by: Vanor Orion, Irish

Vanor Orion - The only game I ever played that doesn't innately summon utter contempt from the depths of my soul for Blizzard. So I guess that's saying something.

Irish - Some of you may remember this game as the one where you're a lost prince who grew up in the marines, magically sent back to his own world to defeat his fathers killer, a demon named Sarlac. Yet, you never made it to that final battle because you couldn't stop repeatedly playing in those first few levels, shooting innocent prisoners in the head for yuks and giggles. Good times.

#43 - Pilotwings
Chosen by: decoy octopus, Derek

decoy octopus - one of the few games of its kind and I dunno how many times I did the parachute and let him hit the ground. Probably too many to be considered healthy.

#42 - Uniracers
Chosen by: Genuine Fiber, D-Mac

Genuine Fiber - A game that is quirky, innovative, and fun. They should put this on the VC ASAP.

D-Mac - This game -dominated- part of my childhood. I don't know how I ever earned every last gold medal, because It's STUPIDLY fast. It also lets you track race and player statistics like crazy, and then brag about them. And that's awesome.

#41 - Rock N' Roll Racing
Chosen by: decoy octopus, Genuine Fiber

decoy octopus - Wait blizzard used to be known for stuff that wasn't the cesspool that is WOW? A really fun game.

Genuine Fiber - Way too much fun for how short the actual game is. My cousin and I rented this so many times from our local rental place that when they phased out the SNES games they sold it to me for three dollars. Also the most fun you'll ever have on an option screen. OUCH! WHOA! OUCH! WHOA!

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