The top 115 SNES games ever according to SNS - Part 4
by Sliders n' Socks

#40 - Run Saber
Chosen by: Genuine Fiber, Wolf

Genuine Fiber - A thoroughly vanilla platformer but this goes on my list because I eventually got so good at it I could get through most of the game without getting hit.

#39 - Illusion of Gaia
Chosen by: Polly, Rhete

Polly - The second in the so-called Soul Blazer series is the best simply because I said so. Sorry, Terranigma.

Rhete - I don't remember much about this game, besides a raft, a pig, and being emotionally scared afterwards.

#38 - Gradius III
Chosen by: MooMan1, Wolf

MooMan1 - while I've beaten it a lot, it's all thanks to my good friend rewind button.

Wolf - Fun, challenging 2-D shooter, nowhere near as awesome as SPACE MEGAFORCE but still great.

#37 - The Lost Vikings
Chosen by: Genuine Fiber, Irish

Genuine Fiber - Squad based puzzle solving! Sort of! The game is fun and challenging and full of funny dialogue. Die too many times on one level and Odin will reprimand you. You're making him look bad!

Irish - Awesome little title from the company that would later become Blizzard.

#36 - Super Castlevania IV
Chosen by: Pat, Vanor Orion

Pat - Even though it always bothered the hell of of me that Simon hovers in the air when he jumps, and Dracula doesn't turn into anything.

Vanor Orion - Despite getting my ass beat like a pinata playing this as a child, it has one of the most memorable openings to a video game ever as far as music goes.

#35 - Donkey Kong Country
Chosen by: Derek, Wolf

Derek - Demand for anti-heroes was in during the nintees. Mario? Fuck that shit! We have a muscle bound monkey who dragged his nephew into a war with lizards because he wanted to get his bannanas back.

#34 - Parodius Da!
Chosen by: Meister, Rhete

Meister - I love the entire Parodius series so much. Why don't they make those anymore?

Rhete - All three Parodius games are great, but the original just feels the best to me.

#33 - Actraiser
Chosen by: decoy octopus, Genuine Fiber

decoy octopus - Forget the horrible sequel and remember that the first one was a great mix of SimCity and a great 2D hack and slash and you'll remember quintet's finest hour.

Genuine Fiber - Nice (and unusual) mix of action and sim games. The sim segments are the shining point of this game. Maybe because like most gamers, I have a god complex.

#32 - Zombies Ate My Neighbors
Chosen by: RaiRaiRai, Pat

RaiRaiRai - Some of the best damn co-op action this side of Doom.

#31 - Mortal Kombat II
Chosen by: Polly, wolf99x

Polly - I faked sick out of school to get this game the day it came out. Street Fighter it ain't and never will be, but still a bloody good time.

wolf99x - Just before everything went character-crazy and combo-intensive, we had this game. With the way-too-easy to pull off Acid Pool stage fatality, even.

#30 - Demon's Crest
Chosen by: Genuine Fiber, Irish

Genuine Fiber - Criminally underrated/forgotten about action game. Firebrand is one of my fave Capcom characters, I really wish they'd bring him back.

Irish - I dug the first two titles, it started out on the Game boy, continued with NES title that came about in the twilight of the system, and culminated in this title, which was really freakin awesome with a mood, atmosphere, and antihero that was very unique and original.

#29 - Final Fantasy V
Chosen by: Pat, Meister

Meister - 2-handed Flare sword. Dual-wielding X-Attack. Magic out the ass. This is a job system, ladies and gentlemen.

Pat - Get a job you bum.

#28 - Space Megaforce
Chosen by: Wolf, Rhete

Wolf - If there's a better shooter on the SNES, i haven't played it: lightning-fast, reflex-heavy gameplay, fantastic soundtrack, and challenging boss battles make this game a total classic.

Rhete - A great, retro style shump with a lot of stuff to blow up, and that's what it's all about.

#27 - Mario Paint
Chosen by: Genuine Fiber, wolf99x, Wolf

Genuine Fiber - This is probably what brought my sister and I together and erased years of intense sibling hatred.

wolf99x - Ok admittedly the thing I remember best from this is the screaming hand from the flyswatting game. Well that and the music maker that has been remade for computers.

Wolf - The best painting game ever.

#26 - Mega Man X2
Chosen by: Vanor Orion, wolf99x, Irish

Vanor Orion - No game has had a more awesome opening than when X crashes a hovebike into a bipedal tank at the beginning of this excellent sequel.

wolf99x - Forget the bike attack, this game is all about X shooting down a nuclear missile with only his X Buster. And then they decided to make him a pacifist. What the hell, Capcom.

Irish - The first rennovated Mega Man, the third ended a good 16-bit trilogy in style with a playable zero, but the second to me just feels like the most solid title. It's a damn shame that Mega Man wouldn't be this cool again until the Zero titles for the GBA.

#25 - Seiken Denetsu 3
Chosen by: MooMan1, Pat, Meister

MooMan1 - I firmly maintain it's better than SoM in every conceivable way except probably plot.


#24 - Super Punch-Out!!
Chosen by: Polly, decoy octopus, Irish

Polly - There will never be a better boxing game, period.

Irish - Polly already took my comment, there will never be a boxing game more fun than this game. It's one of those 16-bit gems loses nothing to it's age.

decoy octopus - to quote the immortal senkir "Holy shit I just got fucking monkey kicked again"

#23 - Cybernator
Chosen by: Polly, Genuine Fiber, Irish, Rhete

Polly - Giant robot, big-ass upgradeable guns, intense combat, and absolutely fucking gorgeous. What else needs to be said?

Genuine Fiber - One of my favorite action games on the SNES, it's challenging without being obnoxious. The graphics look great and are full of neat touches like spent shells flying from your giant robot clip. The freefall into Earth's atmosphere would probably make my "Top 10 SNES levels" list.

Irish - Besides being REALLY popular in chatrooms, the cybernator is also an awesome mech that really wants to be a Gundam or Super Robot Taisen guest star.

#22 - NBA Jam: Tournament Edition
Chosen by: Polly, wolf99x, D-Mac

Polly - Another game that's more fun to play with others than it is by yourself. Things get ridiculously out of hand with the introduction of Hot-Spots leading to some crazy ass game-ending wins and losses. Sorry, decoy.

wolf99x - NBA Jam only 200 times as over-the-top.

D-Mac - One of the best licensed sport games ever. I already looooved the previous SNES installment. Could it stand to get any more awesome? Yes. Yes it could. A lot.

#21 - Super Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back
Chosen by: Vanor Orion, Wolf, Irish

Vanor Orion - One of the best movie games based off of my favorite film in the series. Between blowing shit up on Hoth, shooting Ties in the asteroids, and fighting Vader, it managed to be as awesome as a 16 bit movie game could be, and the music kicked ass.


Irish - Many say Super Return of the Jedi is the best game due to its (drastically) scaled back challenge. These idiots are the same type of pussies that call Contra III the best 16-bit contra cuz Hard Corps was a more difficult game. Super Empire is the more enjoyable and rewarding because of it's challenge and the eye popping graphics at the time.

#20 - F-Zero
Chosen by: Polly, decoy octopus, RaiRaiRai

Polly - Go ahead, just TRY and get the Big Blue theme out of your head. You can't. Gorgeous, fast, and the car blowing up sound blew out the speaker on my very first TV when I rented it the first time.

decoy octopus - Remember when you could play F-Zero without drinking Dramamine first?

RaiRaiRai - Hell yes.

#19 - Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles IV: Turtles in Time
Chosen by: Meister, wolf99x, Irish, D-Mac

Meister - One of the first games I got for the SNES - I must have been around 10 years old. At 18 me and my friends still had a blast with it, and I bet we still would today (although we'd probably go for an arcade version these days).

wolf99x - Makes learning history fun when 10 years later someone remembers "Bury My Shell at Wounded Knee" while talking about the subjugation of Native Americans.

Irish - Why the fuck can't the more recent turtle games be this damn fun? Fuck the better graphics and liscensed voice actors, give games that are this damn fun again.

D-Mac - Lacking the 4-player support of the arcade game, but still good fun and a decent challenge.

#18 - Mega Man 7
Chosen by: RaiRaiRai, Meister, Vanor Orion, wolf99x

Meister - I like Mega Man games, and in this one especially the many ways Mega Man can interact with the levels using the special weapons.

Vanor Orion - The last good game in the original series. Yes, that's right. For me, old-school Mega Man died on the SNES. But it was a fucking glorious death.

wolf99x - Predates Lakeview Terrace's special form of racism with "Freeze Cracker" (come on, just imagine Samuel L. Jackson saying it). Oh and Megaman gets to turn Rush into a jetpack. Yes I know he did it before in VI. It's just better here.

RaiRaiRai - I still think he looks kinda [REDACTED]ed.

#17 - Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest
Chosen by: decoy octopus, Pat, Derek, Vanor Orion, D-Mac

decoy octopus - Probably Rare's finest hour in my opinion and on a system chock full of wonderful platformers this one stands out.

Pat - Played the first one more with friends, but the sequel is definitely the better game. Love the pirate motif.

Derek - In the sequel we learn that Donkey Kong's greed has gotten him captured by lizard pirates, and it's up to Diddy, and a girl with a long pony tail that allows her to glide to save the day. Okay seriously this sounds [REDACTED]ed.

Vanor Orion - I love this game, despite one of its stages literally frustrating me to the point of fucking crying as a child.

D-Mac - It looks beautiful, has a wonderful swashbuckling soundtrack, and outshines DKC's gameplay in every possible way. Unfortunately, DKC3 really seemed to kick off Rare's obesseion with collecting crap.

#16 - Earthbound
Chosen by: Pat, Genuine Fiber, Meister, D-Mac

Genuine Fiber - I know there's a lot of people on this forum who don't like Earthbound. That's cool. I mean, you're wrong, but hey so was the model for the geocentric universe. So you've got all the types who think the sun is a guy in a chariot to hang out with and share opinions. I'm so happy you made some friends!

Meister - For a time, SNES RPGs were the water to my sponge. I was told this one was "different and bizarre" and of course had to try it. If only because you do get sick of swords and dragons after a while.

D-Mac - I'm not as high on the Mother series as many, but I commend its originality. There truly is absolutely nothing like it. Trout yogurt, that is.

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