The top 115 SNES games ever according to SNS - Part 5
by Sliders n' Socks

#15 - Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island
Chosen by: Polly, MooMan1, Derek, D-Mac

Polly - This game had everything. Fun, a unique visual style, and kick-ass gameplay. While not a Mario game in the truest sense, its unique gameplay makes it a welcome addition.

MooMan1 - the last of the big three I played. Also, the only GBA remake that made it better instead of worse.

Derek - Has better gameplay, and graphics than most on my list.

D-Mac - Really great art direction, and some very creative spins on the conventions of platforming.

#14 - Super Street Fighter II
*includes votes for Street Fighter II and Street Fighter II Turbo
Chosen by: Polly, Pat, Genuine Fiber, Derek, Wolf

Polly - I'm sure the Fighter Geeks will crucify me for some reason. Me and my friends played this version of SFII far more than any of the others, even organizing dorky little tournaments on weekends out of boredom. My personal favorite iteration of the brand.


Genuine Fiber - It may have only had four new characters but at least they weren't just palette swap ninjas.

#13 - Super Mario Kart
Chosen by: decoy octopus, Pat, Derek, Wolf, Irish, D-mac

decoy octopus - remember when the blue shell didn't exist? man wasn't that great?

Pat - Mario, Luigi, and their HUHR WE GET INSTANTANEOUS AND INFINITE INVINCIBILITY bullshit can suck an enema hose. Great time nonetheless.

Irish - Okay, freud would have fun with this one. My MOM used to play this game. Seriously. I used to have to wait for her to stop playing this game with my cousons just to get in some final fantasy or Zelda time. Before Super Mario Kart, the only game she would play was tetris. I think that somewhat mentally scarring anecdote should tell you how great this game is.

D-Mac - Spawned the entire "mascot racer" genre. Often imitated, never equaled. The feather item is grand, and should've been in every sequel.

#12 - Starfox
Chosen by: Polly, Derek, Wolf99x, Irish, D-Mac, Rhete

Polly - It may look rudimentary, but this one's all-over awesome. What it may lack in looks it makes up for with excellent space-shooty action.

wolf99x - Well it did start it all, but damn if everything doesn't look like a bunch of nondescript triangles firing at other nondescript triangles. The space armada level is pretty amazing, though.

Irish - Only space shooters like the Rogue Squadran series, or Freespace, Colony Wars, and Descent can claim to be as much fun as Starfox. Thats how much I've loved this game.

D-Mac - Groundbreaking console visuals, a sweeping orchestra-like score, cool-looking characters, and it had spaceships in it. Yeah. As a kid, this was bound to hold my #1 spot for a loooong time on account of those factors alone. Fortunately, the gameplay itself was also fantastic! Its hard path still proving a hefty challenge, and the "Out This Dimension" stage remains my favourite easter egg in anything ever.

Rhete - I was completely obsessed with this game back in the day and have the jacket to prove it. Each difficulty mode was actually an entirely different set of levels, how many games can say that?

#11 - Mega Man X
Chosen by: Polly, Derek, Meister, Vanor Orion, Wolf99x, D-Mac, Rhete

Polly - Upgradeable Mega Man? Are you shitting me? That's what I thought when I found my first hidden upgrade. What a great evolution for the series which, by now, has been whored to death.

Derek - Got me into the series. I've gone through and beat every game in the 2D franchise since.

Meister - I had the first eight levels down to an exact science. I never got past the first Sigma stage.

Vanor Orion - Fuck Mario, this is why I bought a SNES in the first place.

wolf99x - When Zero blows himself up (OMG Spoilers you guys), what in the world is bleeding out of his mouth? Transmission Fluid? Does it matter?

D-Mac - A really neat evolution of the franchise... which I went on to not care about again until Mega Man 64.

Rhete - Wasn't decoy octopus a boss in this? Or was that X2?

#10 - Kirby Super Star
Chosen by: MooMan1, Pat, Derek, Wolf99x, D-Mac, Rhete

MooMan1 - I love it so much I paid for it twice or at least I would have if I'd ever bought the SNES cart.

Pat - You wouldn't believe how much mileage my friends and me got out of competitive two-player Megaton Punch.

Derek - My favorite in the franchise. Sure in Kirby 64 you can mix powers, but this allows for different button inputs.

wolf99x - I still haven't beaten Arena. Not even with friends. And yet I keep coming back.

D-Mac - The definitive Kirby game. Jam-packed with content and special abilities, and co-op is an absolute blast.

Rhete - It's like 7 games in one! And they're all good!

#9 - Final Fantasy II
Chosen by: Polly, decoy octopus, Pat, Genuine Fiber, Meister, Rhete

Polly - This is the game that made me fall in love with the J-RPG. As simple and watered down as it was, it simply would not let me walk away until I saw it through to the end.

decoy octopus - my favorite final fantasy of all time. the story may be kind of cookie cutter but it was one of the few games I'd keep playing through no matter how many times a faulty battery erased my save on the moon.

Genuine Fiber - The first FF I beat, first RPG I played on the SNES, first game I grinded on (mostly to beat all those super bosses on the moon for the best weapons and armor.) Oh well.

Rhete - The game that REALLY introduced me to RPGs, even though I had played a few before, none gripped me like this. What is this, a game with a storyline? Characters dying? Am I... crying over the storyline in a video game?

#8 - Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars
Chosen by: decoy octopus, MooMan1, Pat, Meister, Vanor Orion, Wolf99x, D-Mac

MooMan1 - sunk countless hours into it as a kid, and after all that time, I still can't figure out how the Yoshi minigame works.

Pat - Square will never be this good again, either.

Vanor Orion - Because it was the first RPG I ever played and the first I ever finished, back when I thought RPG meant Rocket Propelled Grenade rather than role-playing game. But it was also one of the most fucking awesome video games I've ever played to this day.

wolf99x - Fun and quirky RPG that introduced me to timed attacks and the darker side of Luigi (which has now manifested into full-blown psychosis apparently).

D-Mac - My introduction to the RPG genre, long before I even knew what that stood for. Catchy remixes and original tunes accompany a vivivd and tremendously fun world to explore, complete with memorable cast of quirky characters. And Bowser as an ally?! YES.


#7 - Secret of Mana
Chosen by: Pat, Genuine Fiber, Derek, Meister, Wolf, D-Mac, Rhete

Pat - Most human beings don't have as much personality as this game does.

Genuine Fiber - You frigging kids with your ridiculous amount of disposable income. Do you know how many fucking lawns I had to mow to buy the fucking multi-tap so me and my two friends could spend hours and hours playing this amazing game? Like thirty. Fucking cheapskate old folks. Three dollars does not go that far anymore!

Wolf - For the soundtrack alone.

D-Mac - Great visual atmosphere and music, fun co-op (but who could actually -find- a multitap?), and I really liked the battle system. Geez, I should probably finish this game some day. It might go even higher.

Rhete - What the fuck do you mean Sprite is a guy. No way, you're lying to me.

#6 - Super Mario World
Chosen by: Polly, decoy octopus, MooMan1, Pat, Derek, Wolf99x, Wolf

Polly - Obsession. That's how I describe my first 2 months of owning an SNES and it was all because of this game. I had to have everything, all the worlds, all the shortcuts, and I would not put it down until I did. Then I played through and did it all again, just because I could.

decoy octopus - Probably the finest 2D platformer ever.

Pat - There aren't many games I've taken the time to get 100% completion on.

Derek - My favorite two dimensional Mario game. Probably my second favorite platformer in the 16 bit era next to Sonic 3.

wolf99x - Mario 3's map system plus battery-backup memory allowed people to actually save and come back to the long-running adventure in this game, instead of doing it in one go. I think that was pretty crucial. Well that and dive-bombing enemies with the cape.

Wolf - The thing that came bundled with my SNES.

#5 - Super Mario All-Stars
Chosen by: Pat, Derek, Vanor Orion, Wolf99x, Wolf, Irish, D-Mac, Rhete

Derek - Lost levels? AWESOME!

wolf99x - It's every NES Mario Game plus the Lost Levels, what more could you want?

Wolf - Super mario bros. 3, for your snes.

Irish - I think this was the first ever compilation title. It was also one of the best ideas ever, and sports a spiffied up version of Super Mario 3, the best platforming game of all time. whats not to like?

D-Mac - A buncha the best platformers ever, revamped and on one game pak! If you bought into the Super Mario Advance series, you're a tool. Says me. =/

Rhete - Finally allowing you to beat Mario 3 without using warp zones.

Vanor Orion - Every damn game on one cartridge. The end.

#4 - The Legend of Zelda: A Link To The Past
Chosen by: Polly, decoy octopus, MooMan1, Pat, Genuine Fiber, Derek, Vanor Orion, Irish, D-Mac

Polly - I just like puns. It's a good game too.

decoy octopus - despite how many people deride it now, still the last great 2D Zelda before Ocarina 1 2 3 and Ocarina Wii took over.

MooMan1 - It's fun, and the GBA release even moreso (because of Four Swords).

Pat - The two overlapping worlds thing was such a damn good idea.

Genuine Fiber - Unnnggghhh this game. As soon as I got the SNES I begggged for this. It was the only game I got for a whole year we were so poor but fuck if I cared. It took me that whole year to beat, was one of the defining experiences of my childhood...and fuck that's depressing I think I'm going to cry.

Vanor Orion - This was my first Zelda game, and it's still one of my favorites to this day, and I felt no small amount of pride when I finished it completely on my own for the first time.

Irish - I'll just say that half the reason Ocarina of Time is considered by most to be the best Zelda is that it somehow managed to live up to the high benchmark set by Zelda: A link to the Past. This alone should tell you that while there are better Zelda games, there are none that were more influentuel.

D-Mac - I preferred Link's Awakening, but still enjoyed much of this game, finding the Light/Dark World dynamic particularly interesting.

#3 - Final Fantasy III
Chosen by: Polly, MooMan1, Pat, Genuine Fiber, Derek, Meister, wolf99x, Wolf, Rhete

Polly - 15+ playthroughs by myself and with friends in the years since its release can't be wrong.

MooMan1 - do I really need a reason? honestly?

Genuine Fiber - The reason I did no homework that first half of 6th grade. Way too easy, but hey.

Derek - I like this game simply because I have a boner for Yoshitaka Amano's artwork.

Rhete - An amazing game with just so much to it. Final Fantasy 7 may get all the credit, but this one really pioneered cinematic elements in gaming with scenes like the Opera House.

Pat - I like it a lot!

#2 - Chrono Trigger
Chosen by: Polly, decoy octopus, MooMan1, Pat, Derek, Meister, Irish, D-mac, Rhete

Polly - I spent three months working a summer job picking up YOUR trash and cutting grass out of sidewalks just to make sure I had the money to buy this game the very day it came out. If that's not love, then I don't know what is.

Pat - SquareSoft is the sole reason I became console bicurious. For years I was perfectly satisfied with owning only a Genesis.

Derek - You seriously have no idea how stoked I was when I found an RPG game where the enemies weren't static immovable images. Robo's my favorite design for any RPG character. You did good Dragon ball Z guy.

Rhete - I can't think of a single thing this game could've done better. Its only flaw is being too short. Instead we just have to settle with beating it 50 times, and it never gets old either.

D-Mac - I discovered this game long after anything else I've listed, and was amazed to find it just so... perfect. Beautiful soundtrack, and tells the best story I've ever seen in a video game. I've yet to play anything more masterfully designed. Ever.

#1 - Super Fucking Metroid

Chosen by: Polly, decoy octopus, MooMan1, RaiRaiRai, Pat,
Genuine Fiber, Derek, Vanor Orion, Wolf, Irish, D-Mac, Rhete

Rhete - Out of all 14 lists submitted, 12 contained this game on it. It's that good.

Pat - Metroid will never be this good again.

Vanor Orion - Much like Mega Man, the series was pretty much laid to rest on the SNES. Though that might be due to the fact that this game was so fucking awesome it would be impossible for follow-ups to the series to truly do it justice. I played this game so much as a kid, and to this day it saddens me to know that its creator is dead.

Irish - Another one of those perfect titles that made the SNES so legendary.

D-Mac - Flawlessly captures the eerie feeling of isolation in a mysterious alien world.

Genuine Fiber - I definitely am not as good or as into this as Polly, but I at least got good enough to see Samus strip. Shut up, I was 11!

decoy octopus - Polly needs medical help for how much she plays this game.

Polly - Everyone in the world knows this is my most favorite game of all time. There's nothing else I can say about it.

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