The Hutch's Top 25 Games of All Time
by The Hutch

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25. Pokémon Stadium (N64)

Ah, where do I start? What a concept it was! Pokémon Red and Blue were phenomenal successes; no one had any clue why. The T.V. show and trading card game (That no one had any damn clue how to play) that spawned forth from the games netted the creators trillions of dollars. Pokémon had created a cult of followers. Pokémon was the fuckin' shit!

So news that two of the greatest things of the time, Pokémon and the N64, would be joining together had birthed the greatest simultaneous erection the world had ever known. It was the boner heard 'round the world.

(Yes, I do know about Pokémon Snap. I really liked it as well, but this is Pokémon Fucking Stadium!)

Basically, Pokémon Stadium lets you battle your pokémon in a variety of 3D arenas with other players or against the house pokémon. Best, fucking, idea ever. This is definitely one of the most memorable experiences I had involving other people. And something that vibrated. Because I had a MOTHERFUCKING RUMBLE PACK BITCHES!

The mini-games were... Well, a novelty. The core gameplay was solid, however, and that's all that mattered. And hey, what's better than watching a couple level 100 pokémon go at it? Probably going outside or looking at porn.

24: SSX Tricky (PS 2)

Normally, I don't like snowboarding games. I much prefer skateboarding games, and even then that's getting a bit tiresome. I don't know what first attracted me to this game, but whatever it was knew what it was talking about.

SSX Tricky is hands down, without a doubt the single GREATEST snowboarding game of all time. Far superior to its predecessor and much more solid than its successor, Tricky had nailed it. From the roster of incredibly charismatic and original individuals, to the stunning visuals, vast venues, hot music, and unique gameplay, SSX Tricky just won on so many levels. What I liked best about it was how incredibly unique each character was. And you could have your favourite character (Mine's Mac, by the way. Kaori at a close second) and still want to play with everybody else. Not only that, but they were also voiced by big name actors who did excellent jobs. Bif Naked voiced for the game. BIF FUCKING NAKED! YOU KNOW WHAT THAT EQUALS?! A GAME THAT BLOWS YOUR BALLS INTO SLURRIE!

23: Sonic 3 (Sega Genesis)

I'll always be a platformer at heart. That's how I judge many games now-a-days, how much they remind me of a simpler time in gaming. Sonic 3 is arguably one of the greatest platformers of all time. Yes, better than Mario 3, much as it ails me to admit so. The game was so far ahead of it's time. Incredible sprites and backgrounds that really proved the Genesis' worth, improvements on the core gameplay of Sonic 1 and 2 as well as original additions, MASSIVE levels (Particularly Hydro City. Just, holyfukwut?) and so much more.

It was just such an experience. Most of the time you had no clue where the fuck you were going, just that you were running as fast as you could left, right, down, up, it didn't matter WHERE the fuck you were going! Sonic's that much of a badass. Tails was also made less annoying somehow as well. And he could fly. FUCKING FLY!

I cannot stress how advanced this game was. The animation was fluid, the gameplay was solid, the difficulty level was fair. On top of everything else, this is also one of the first games I can recall being able to save in. I honestly can't think of another game before Sonic 3 that had that feature. You could actually SAVE YOUR GAME!

And with the release of Sonic and Knuckles, the game was further expanded to include all of the Sonic 3 and S&K levels into one game, and allow you to play as any of Sonic, Knuckles, or Tails.


The only thing that could have been improved upon was the multiplayer mode. But no one fucking cares about multiplayer. It's Sonic.

22: Commander Keen (Series) (PC)

I honestly couldn't choose just one of them; they're all special to me. Besides, there isn't much difference between the seven games anyway. Commander Keen came out during the shareware wave of the early 90's. The shareware battle that went on between Apogee (Now 3D Realms), id software and Epic Megagames (Now simply Epic) was legendary. Greater even than the console war going on at the time between Nintendo and Sega. Ok, maybe not. But it was pretty intense.

Of all the games that came out of it, this one stood clear above the rest, with exception to only one, Jill of the Jungle. And even though Jill was a hottie amazon, and was mostly a better and more original game, Commander Keen just had this aura among it. I can't really explain it. It's the same reason I played all those Super Solver games even though I knew it was really just math.

The games star William Jacob "Billy Blaze" Blazkovich II, the grandson of the hero of the same name of Wolfenstein 3D. You are a super genius boy, I.Q. 314. Why I remember this, I haven't a clue.

So, anyway, Keen built a rocket, called the "Bacon and Beans" rocket in his backyard, blasted in to space, and decided to start fucking up other planets. What a badass.

Gameplay is beyond simple: Jump, shoot, win! But there was just a certain charm about the games that cannot be explained.

Also, Dopefish. Fuck yeah, Dopefish!

21: Medal of Honor: Frontline (PS 2)

This may come out of left-field for a few of you who know me. Honestly, I love World War II FPS games. I don't know what it is about them that attracts me to them. Maybe it's my discontent for Nazis. Cause I do fucking hate Nazis.

Anyway, Frontline. You return to the shoes of Private whatever the fuck his name was and shoot the shit out of Germans. Really, is there anything else that matters? Oh yeah, they try to make it more in-depth with "espionage" missions, but its just shooting the shit out of Germans in a submarine or shooting the shit out of Germans in an embassy.

What I liked best about Frontline was the atmosphere. The music, lighting effects, and environment all contributed to an enticing game. Bullets whizzing past your head, explosions in the horizon, Nazis assaulting babies, the corpses of your childhood heroes strewn across the streets. THIS IS WAR, SON! YOU DON'T PLAY, YOU VOLUNTEER!

Also, this game had more extras than any other game I've ever played. And I loves me some extras. Concept art, making of videos, and the like. Also, the replay value is very high, and you can play through individual levels or whole missions, which is very handy. Polished and pristine, Medal of Honor: Frontline is a game of heros.

Yes I know I spelled heroes two different ways.

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