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(Too Cool For) Sega Genesis Week is about to begin, and to generate webpage hits and hype, is proud to follow in the proud tradition of the Sega Genesis by doing what Sega did so well back in the 16-bit era. Advertising! I mean lets face facts, Sega knew that they couldn't take the SNES out by merit of a superior system (which they didn't have) or by merit of superior games (which they had, but Nintendo was no slouch either). So they quickly set into a marketing campaign that was, if nothing else, damn funny. Even after all these years.

And since we all know that for any project like this to be a success we gotta advertise, what better way to promote (Too Cool For) Sega Genesis Week, and pay tribute to the 16-bit era by featuring all the weird and wonderful commercials that Sega put out during this era.

So to kick off (Too Cool For) Genesis Week, lets take a look at the commercials. Here's some visual stimulation to keep you visually stimulated.

The Genesis

Okay, to start off, lets laugh at the early nineties with this commercial.

Okay, here's a set of rather amusing ones

An amusing one from Christmas of 1992

Hey, say it with me now... Genesis DOES (what Nintendo don't). Too bad that inevitably meant EPICLY FAILING!

And hey, remember when wacko Jacko made a genesis game?

Here's an amusing one involving the Genesis and Game Gear


Okay, now here's some commercials from games that are going to be featured later in the week.

Sonic and Knuckles

Jurassic Park

Streets of Rage II

Ecco the Dolphin


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