Peaches' Top 25 Games of All Time
by Peaches

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#15 - Katamari Damacy

These days, the game industry is facing an odd situation. To be profitable, most games either must be available for free online (paid for with advertising), or be massively complex, so that gamers feel they get their money's worth from buying an actual disc.

This game managed to be very simple, yet had the right stuff to be a phenomenon, going face to blocky face against more glamourous, yet more forgettable titles.

It's simple, it's weird, it's Japanese... to be honest, I don't know if it's a matter of course, or an incredible stroke of luck this game became the pop culture icon it will be for years to come.

#14 - Legend of Zelda: The Ocarina of Time

Possibly the only thing harder than finding a hit, is keeping it a hit.

Not that Nintendo has ever let a winning franchise die... but there's only so much you can do while still being true to a vision without beating a dead horse.

I rented a Nintendo 64 AND this game to blow a weekend over it. I don't regret it. Having cut my gaming teeth on NES Zelda, as well as sampled Link's Awakening for the Game Boy and A Link to the Past for SNES, well...

This game's on the list. You've heard of it, and most likely played it, and at least one of its ancestors. Anything else I say will be preaching to the choir or talking to a wall.

#13 - Pokemon

For the life of me, I can't remember what the hell started this, but somehow, there was a Pokemon discussion started at random in the 8EB message boards. A cute anime game was being discussed, seriously, by the same people who write most of the content on this website (i.e., cynical bastards who play too many video games and watch too much anime).

That fact alone means this game has evil demonic powers.

It also probably introduced a whole generation to the wonder of the RPG (Squaresoft filled that role for yours truly, but I digress), through a friendly, challenging, *customizable* and (mostly) balaned combat system.

I can't say where the franchise is now, what with all the Pokemon: Uranium carts coming out for systems I don't have (see #14), but I'll say it had a solid start.

#12 - Ms. Pac-Man

The old ads said she was more than Pac-Man with a bow. And if you're a video game scholar (instead of some joker who just happens to be older than the NES), you'll know it's true.

Ms. Pac-Man is what introduced us to the bonus fruit that *moved through the maze*. Her maze changed *after every level*. Her game even had a freaking *storyline*. Seriously. Storyline. Told in cutscenes. In a time where you were lucky to get a few lines of text before your game started.

I doubt many here know what I'm talking about, and it's hard to test it, what with the happy couple largely replaced with emulations and re-releases and memories (including mine) of the two jumbled together.

Trust me on this one - that was a rare case of truth in advertising.

#11 - Bubble Bobble

You won't find a game like this anymore, anywhere.

Not because it's dumb fun, not because it's a simple arcade-y title, not because it's weird/cutesy beyond belief...

You just... don't. A 2-D platformer? Where every level is one screen big? And you have ONE attack?

This is a relic, nothing more, nothing less.

But man, what a hell of a relic.

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