SNES Week Announcement
February 2nd, circlenine

Looks like it's about that time of the year again, friends. Another one of those week-long console-exclusive extravaganzas that have become a bit of a tradition around here. If the banner wasn't any kinda clue (and if it wasn't, what the fuck are you, stupid?) this time around we're having a look at your friend and mine, the SNES, Super Nintendo Entertainment System, the ESS ENN EE ESS, that Final Fantasy console.

This event is open to all who wish to contribute, and all you have to do is follow a few guidelines:

1. - Let's adhere to some Game Exception Guidelines, shall we?

2. - DO SOMETHING! ANYTHING! Review a game, do a series retrospective, write up your favorite games, gimme some substance! Draw a picture, make a comic, whatever! It's a celebration of the SNES, so let whatever you like or dislike about the system guide you in what you want to do. So long as you put some effort into something and I like it, odds are it'll go up.

If you have any questions about what it is you wish to do, feel free to email them to me.

And remember, all standard submission rules apply. If I can't read it, I don't want it.

3. - Your content needs to be typed up in either a .txt or .doc file. If you choose a .doc file, please remember to NOT INCLUDE THE IMAGES WITHIN THE DOCUMENT, keep them separate in however you archive it.

4. - Screenshots and other images you may need to use aren't restricted to any specific file type. Just be aware that HUGE pics (650px width and over) may need resizing or will be linked to open in another window. If this is an issue for you, just tell me how you'd like to handle it.

5. - .rar or .zip up your submission plus images, attatch them to an email, and send them off to one or both of the following email addresses:

Then you wait. I'll contact you within a few days of receiving your entry and after reviewing it I'll give you a head's up on if I'm gonna run it or not. If you don't receive a reply, please email me again with the submission just in case there's an email hiccup.

6. - Final due date for submissions and the run dates for the event are as follows:


If for any reason you're running late on your submission and may not make it by the 1st, email me and we'll try and work something out if you can get it finished during the week.

Now that we've got that out of the way, it's time for you to get to work! So, hop to it. More than enough time to get some content ready for the big event.

Have fun, suckers!


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