Find Ume, Win Fantasy Ume-sensei Locations
Finalized: November 30th, 2008

All Ume-sensei's have been removed.
All pages are back to normal.

#01 - Your Free Ume-Sensei
This one is given free from the contest page itself.
Image File: misc/ume.png

#02 - Your Second Free Ume-Sensei
Click on the first Ume-sensei.
On the next page click the "I'm a positive thinker, yes it can" link.
Image File: misc/ume.png

#03 - Ume-sensei in Submissions
Located at the very bottom of the Submissions Page
Image File: images/pqrsttuvwxyz.png
NOTES: (-subm) is a very vague hint from the first Ume Gateway

#04 - Ume on the Mainpage I (September 2008)
This one's always been on the September 2008 Mainpage. Really hard to miss it.
Image File: misc/ume.png
NOTES: Error Code: 09-08 is a vague hint given from clicking the 2nd Free Ume-sensei.

Right under the Ume-sensei located on the September 2008 Mainpage, click the "BIG SMILE TODAY" link. URL:
Image File: misc/ume.png

#06 - Ume-sensei, #6 Overrated Weapon
Ume-sensei replaces the #6 Pokemon entry in Ed's 10 Overrated Weapons article. URL:
Image File: misc/pqrstuvwxyz.png

#07 - Mega Ume!
Ume-sensei replaces the Mega Man sprite in the 11th panel of Chimpo's NES Week Comic.
Image File: images/cpl009.png

#08 - Ume-sensei is Bad Enough To Hang Out on SMPS.Net
She replaces BAD DOOD Commander in the third pic down in the Bad Dudes Review.
Image File: misc/x44p9.png

#09 - Ume At War!
She's hiding in the 2nd image of the Battalion Wars Review.
Image File: images/f9000g.jpg

#10 - Click L, Get Ume!
Click the hyperlinked "l" in the Articles header.
Image File: images/umeumeumeumeumeumeumeumeumeume.png

#11 - Lotsa Links, Only One Ume
The Link in the Links Section redirects to an Ume-sensei page.
Image File: images/umeme.png

#12 - Random Fun With Ume-sensei!
All pages in the Random Section have been changed other than the Jaq Sprite Page.
Further down the Jaq Sprite Page, you'll notice Jaq's sprite has been tilted. Click it to reveal the Ume.
Image File: images/yesume.png

#13 - Ume-sensei vs Animal Contra
In the Neo Contra Review click the "ANIMAL CONTRA" link to reveal a hidden Ume-sensei.
Image File: images/qq_qq_qq.png
NOTES: "Arf! Arf!" is a hit under the previous Ume-sensei.

#14 - Ume In The Movies
She's in the 2nd image of the Pineapple Express Movie Review.
Image File: images/g0465.jpg

#15 - Ume In The Jungle
She's in the third Super C Review image, slightly obstructed by the trees.
Image File: images/a9047.png

#16 - Ume on the Mainpage II (September 2006)
On the September 2006 Mainpage, she can be found being bounced off Mike Portnoy's cymbal at the bottom.
Image File: images/portnoy_u.gif

#17 - Click To Experience The Power of Ume
Deep into the Final Fantasy IX Write-up in the trance section is a flash movie on the right.
Click the red image seven times to reveal Ume-sensei.
Image File: images/request28.swf

#18 - These look Ume! - Imagemapped I
At the bottom of The Lost Vikings Review, Olaf's line has been changed to "These look Ume!"
Click the word "Ume" to find the hidden Ume-sensei.
Image File: images/ridgeracertype4.png

#19 - L, Did You Know? Ume-sensei Loves Apples! - Imagemapped II (June 2007 Mainpage)
On the June 2007 Mainpage in June 28th's entry click on the apple in Ryuk's hand.
Image File: images/qq_.png

#20 - Ume vs Tyson - Movie Fake-out I
In the Top 10 Fuck You Moments Article, the Mike Tyson's Punch-Out! video has been replaced by a fake movie.
Clicking on the Mike Tyson video reveals the fiendishly-hidden Ume.
Image File: images/daily_motion.swf

#21 - Today's Special Guest on the Peaches' Show...
In the Articles Section under the "Human Reviews" entry by Peaches, click on the "Peaches'" link.
On the next page, endure 25 seconds of "The Peaches Show" and Ume-sensei will appear.
Image File: images/peaches_show.swf
NOTES: Right-click then Play on the Peaches Show movie once Ume-sensei appears reveals nothing but false leads.

#22 - Ume Roulette
In decoyoctopus' Google Article, click the spinny icon.
On the next page, spin the Character Wheel until it lands on the "?" to reveal Ume-sensei.
Image File: images/character_roulette.swf

#23 - Ume-sensei in Antarctica
On the second page of the Valis III write-up.
She's bouncing up and down from the hole in the "LET'S DEFY SUM GRAVITY" pic.
Image File: images/valis/magicslidebus2.gif

#24 - Ume vs Worm - Movie Fake-out II
In the Syd of Valis Write-up, page 2.
The Stage 4-1 boss video has been replaced by a fake.
Click it to reveal the last movie fake-out Ume-sensei.
Image File: images/valis/youtube.swf

#25 - Ume-sensei's Mario Block Mystery - SHOW YOUR WORK #1
Deep in Zelda 2 Article, under the "Gooma" boss heading, click the Mario Block.
The next page leads to the infamous Mario Block Wall.
You must uncover and manually input a URL using all the clues in this puzzle.
Clue locations are listed in this text file.
The chart is read by each row being a letter, and the number representing how many blocks over the clue is.
The clues in block G5 show you how your URL should be formatted.
Using all the clues you should piece together "the_brightest_star_we_know"
Image File: images/thebloxneverlie.png

#26 - Ume-sensei's Top 25 Games of All-Time
Entering the Top 25 Games of All-Time Flash menu page (the full version) and letting the movie play will reveal Ume-sensei hiding in Polly's spot on the character select screen.
Image File: images/top25menu___ur.swf

#27 - The Most Ridiculously Hidden Ume-sensei (SHOW YOUR WORK II)
In the It's Mr. Pants! Review, notice the blue blocks in the final image of the review.
The blue block at the top of the formation has been flipped over and is clickable.
After clicking it, you'll enter a waiting game. You must wait out the entire process, one minute for the first seven pages, and three minutes for the last.
When you arrive at the Ume-sensei is here page, you'll notice that she's not.
In order to find her, you must look at the page's source code revealing the message:
"Ume-sensei can be found somewhere fun!

Append "like_on_vacation" to the end of the typical and you'll find this more trouble than it was worth Ume-sensei.
Image File: images/q4r9cl97Ge3.png

Located at the very bottom of the Contributor Central Page
In order to get to this page, you must access someone's profile and use the Contributor Central Link at the bottom of their page.
Image File: images/pqrsttuvwxyz.png

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